Policeman stops man who he thinks is his dead son. Wait And See What Happens..

Having a 22 year old son in the military myself, I cannot imagine how I would feel if we lost him. After reading this touching article I see how I would feel. I dont like it at all. Watch what happens when a cop loses his son, but thinks he sees his son in the truck he pulls over -a year after his funeral…



Atlanta Mom Accused of Killing Children in Burning Oven Because She Didn’t Have Babysitter

Want to see what the devil looks like in plain clothes? Take a peek.

This picture below is how us non satan filled parents feel.


Is It Possible For Cops To Be Addicts? Even Steal Drugs Like A Common Criminal? Well They Are Human Too, Right?

After 20 years in Social Work, Ive Seen Every Type Of Person In Any Profession Get Tangled Up In Addiction. Who Should Get Pass?


So My 50th Post About Molesters In Positions Of Authority. Hmm.How Many Need More?

Douglas Dukofsky, 48, allegedly sexually abused a patient. He was previously arrested on similar charges in 2013. (Nassau County Police Department) VALLEY STREAM, NY — A Long Island chiropractor who was arrested for inappropriately touching a patient is back in custody again on sexual abuse charges. Douglas Dukofsky, 48, allegedly inappropriately touched a 42-year-old patient at Valley Stream…

via Long Island chiropractor arrested 2nd time for sexual abuse of patient: police — New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

If Hillary the role model for women is hugging Harvey Weinstein the molestor….why would we expect anyone below a former first lady to feel obligated to act appropriately? The numbers show they dramatically increasing- and guess who are the biggest offenders? 

People like teachers, cops, doctors -although walking into a catholic church these days and letting your child be alone with a priest is almost a guarenteed molestating.



Spiritual Tenacity – Are You Just Hanging In? Or Do You Have The Real Victory- Guest Blogger Darlene McRoberts of Heresyourhopesite.wordpress.com Challenges Us On Where We Really Are….

As the morning light slowly peeked around my window shades, two words came to my mind:  Spiritual Tenacity.  Not sure what to do , I wrote them in my journal and went to church.   The pastor’s sermon was very thought-provoking, but didn’t provide any clues to why these two words had become deeply imbedded in my spirit.

So, after lunch, I did a bit of research and finally discovered that many years ago, Oswald Chambers wrote a short but powerful article titled, The Discipline of Spiritual Tenacity in his classic book, My Utmost for His Highest. 

Rereading it to refresh my memory, I discovered this inspiring statement:

If our hopes are being disappointed just now, it means they are being purified.”  Wow!

Chambers concluded that article by reminding his readers to “Remain Spiritually Tenacious.”

If you consider yourself to be  just ” hanging in there” you are not walking in the victory of Christ.

Chambers concluded that article by reminding his readers to “Remain Spiritually Tenacious.”

We have two options to choose from. The worry that the mindset of the world lives is about ” hanging in there” which we are not built for-or we can choose to only rely on the promises God has for us in his Word.

If you want little nuggets each day like this, I would suggest purchasing Oswald’s daily devotional and my favorite that I try to read each morning called..

My Utmost For His Highest 


It’s the world or the Word.

What will you choose today?