I Thought The Liberals Could Not Stoop Any Lower After The Hits On Trumps 10 Year Old Son -Until This. I will be there at church

The Lowest Form- The Liberals

Just when you think you have seen it all, something comes from left field. There is a man on his deathbed – 0 to life. Trump wants to offer up prayers and well wishes and would you believe who interrupts even that? Yep – The Left- over Libs.


Words Don’t Lie- Here is What Liberals Are Fighting To Have In Our Country. How Obama Started The Problem We Have Today- On Purpose.

The Disgusting Truth About Obama’s First Love- Islam

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If there is still anyone out there that just cannot make up their mind’s as to whether Obama had one purpose in mind as president -to bring islam and sharia law into the USA, then take a listen to the words of his own mouth.

It’s no secret anymore what you have done to this country and got half of it believing your lies about Islam and peace. One day when you meet the real true Living God you’ll have an eternity to think about the things that you’ve done and promoted through sharia law like selling off six year old girls and mutilating genitalia in  the name of allah.