Bio: Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching.

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  1. I live in NJ and sadly they are about to make a law that children up to high school age who have a mental illness/disorder free access to medications without a parent’s consent or knowledge. It was written by the Keystone Boys and Girls Club in NJ (high school student from dysfunctional families). I am all for counseling, but where I stop the support is when they are giving medications for children/teens when they have not lived with that child, do not know their mental or medical history and are willing to give them behavioral medications. My questions to one of the directors at Keystone was: Who will be responsible for that child if that child has a severe reaction to medication? Will the parents be liable for this? The other question I presented to her was how the medication was going to be administered? There was so much more I had asked. She took offense to my questioning and brought up about transgender suicides as if to use that excuse for giving these children medication. My answer to this is that in Belgium (where most transgender and trans-sexual operations take place) have the highest suicide rate (AFTER the operation and medications). It didn’t change the statistics. They still to this day have a high suicide rate. After that point, she told me that I was sick and needed help. Yikes! And this is the woman that runs this club? Very rude and obviously felt threatened by my questions in which she had no answers. Curious as to your thoughts on this.


    1. Wow. Not surprised at all. Sadly it all comes down to money. The drug companies push so much cash at the doctors who then begin over diagnosing. The new marketing ploy is that there is a drug out there for everyone. The truth is that the drug companies and the FDA have quite unusual relationship. The FDA is supposed to require real clinical testing on anything they approve. Right.
      Anyhow it’s being abused for cash in the name of kids all the time.
      Thanks for the comment!

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  2. Thank you TJ Petri for following our Blog, look forward to you sharing your thoughts with us, as we will with your messages.

    I had a very abusive Childhood, to save detail here I will leave a link below for you. I was healed and no longer feel pain when I share about it

    God tells us to train a Child in the way they should go, which is in a understanding of Him, His Truth and guidelines and as you wisely shared in one of your messages, they need to see their Parents example.

    Childhood – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/the-early-years-a-little-lost-girl/

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.


    1. Amen and thank you for reading. I love having other believers to follow and hear their testimonies. I look for ward to knowing you all better and will check out you story.. Thanks for the link! God bless you!


  3. A great blog you have going here TJ… more and more people are looking on the bright side of life and encouraging love to blossom more in the world. IAM sure we are going to enjoy following each others journey. Barbara


    1. Wow- that was such a great compliment! I think we all can add a little something to each other’s lives and certainly what you do is valuable and appreciated as well! I will be back and thanks very much for the comment!


    1. Awesome! That is super cool. I would love to have that. Now I just have to learn how to display awards on a separate page! Thanks very much, its a big deal to me!


  4. Hi Tim,
    i’ve only just started reading and i have tears in my eyes.
    One word – wow.
    Seriously – the world needs more Tims!
    Awesome man!


    1. Thanks so very much. If you see anything you really line as far as posts, a re-blog would be awesome. I am doing this to help others but they have to know about it first. Lets keep in touch and I hope you find some good info on there. That’s 24 years in the field and thousands of kids worked with I speak from. Hoping to get the word out, this is destroying self-esteem of our kids.


    1. How funny, I just commented on your last post.
      I don’t know what to say about another award. I am excited if even one person gets something out of my stuff, and recently, thanks to you and a few others who have re-blogged some of my posts, I am overwhelmed with the feedback and people following my blog. I am no techy, I am a writer and social worker, Christian and just trying to do my part. I am still learning how to use wordpress after 6 months. So if you see the flaws in my blog or inability to perform something, please help me by pointing it out. I am still working on why my new theme wont do what I want! LOL! Anyhow, God is blessing you clearly, and you are passing this on to others. Thanks so much. Maybe we can connect by phone sometime and talk a little.


    1. Very cool Award!- And thank you for the very kind words! I am honored. I am a fairly new blogger just making my way, and appreciate any feedback I get! I hope I know what to do with the award and how to pass it on, as I have been fighting my computer since I got Windows 8. I am losing some stuff, not seeing other stuff, and very frustrated lately, so this is a nice deal to get a compliment from you today! Many thanks!


    1. That is very kind of you to say, and I can assure you that there are many, many passionate Social Workers. However the sad truth is that like most careers in the helping (people) profession, the value of doing the job and being able to afford to live end up causing a huge shortage in many professions like mine. People are willing to pay 100$/Hour to have their computer fixed, but when it comes to fixing people, the value drops down to about 12-15$/hr. Very sad but we do not value human life very much.


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