‘Tis the season, right? So many people are looking forward to the fourth Thursday of November. It’s a great day for gluttony. Isn’t that thanksgiving? Saying a 5-second prayer, stuffing yourself with food all day, arguing about politics, maybe going outside and throwing a football, and definitely standing in long lines with greedy people while going shopping to get those deals…sounds like thanksgiving, doesn’t it? 

For many, this is as good as it gets. They stress out over the meal being perfect while missing the whole point. The season of thanksgiving is to be daily. The Bible says to “rejoice evermore”, “rejoice in the Lord always”, and “in everything give thanks”. It sounds like thanksgiving and praise ought to be the lifestyle of a child of God. Why have we settled for a commercialized substitute?

You have a choice. You can be like people who thinks it’s about a turkey, a day off, or discounts. Or, you can choose to live in thanksgiving daily to the One who gave you life and gave His life for you. It sounds like an easy decision to me.


A Season of Thanksgiving

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