I read a post today that provoked this thought. If you are married, do you really get time to talk to each other? Why would I ask that? Because parenting often gets in the way of husband and wife talking. The energy required by parenting leaves both exhausted, and you may say a few words before falling asleep. 

The day is full of activity. One gets home from work, and the rat race has begun or will begin. Homework, dinner, baths, prepping for the next day, cleaning up, sounding like a broken record to keep kids on task, etc. Each day is more of the same. The kids want to talk about their day, and you find yourself giving them the attention they need while the marriage can often lack the attention it needs. What do you do?

If you leave this unremedied, you find yourself drifting further apart. Before you end up miserable and headed for divorce, you need a game plan. Life MUST be intentional! There can be no flying by the seat of your pants! Set up date nights. Set a bedtime for your children so you can have time together. Let your kids play on an outside playground while you walk hand in hand and focus on each other. This is a must!

I must admit I am a big Journey fan. I loved Steve Perry as lead singer, but I like some of Arnel Pineda’s vocal quality also. This was recorded with Arnel Pineda as lead singer. The song, “Turn Down the World Tonight”, is a reminder of the fact that husbands and wives need to unplug from the stress of life and enjoy each other. I’ll leave you with this song.


Dear Married Couple, Do You REALLY Get Time to Talk to Each Other?

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