Gondek-The Ugly Details Of What Happens In The Day Of A Pedo-Priest..

***update- the audio clip I attached to this post yesterday has mysteriously been pulled period That’s Right disappeared from the post so It reposted it today see if you can hear it..
David Harold- Head of North Carolina Catholic Diocese- Last few days email to me responding to my constant inquires over 7-8 months on the status of Gondek -even offer to share evidence with. You can see they take a very casual approach to some very serious issues. Here are 2 screen shots which together make up his last email about 4 days ago

.As you can see the BS is wide open as usual and 100% contradictory. One minute they cant investigate until a victim comes forward, then they can..right? Well something in that system is broken ( aside form the fact that they are running a pedo-priest ring)-

The ” anonymous” report has been available this whole time, jackass. -I have offered it. But the media has not picked up what we are trying to put down yet.. So they are still doing their” undercover used car salesman fraud bust” and dragging their heals ( while these priests buy pairs) at what should be the biggest open door to prove once and for all that pedophilia is a PART of much of the catholic church.

Anyways, listen to my audio clip here, ( hope it plays) about 5 minutes of victim statement from the young man who actually was the one deported for speaking up.

Share with all, media, natonal media, any serious investigative reporting teams…thx




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