WOW! Police Say ” No”  When I asked To Give Evidence Of Pedo-Priest ..Refuse To Take a Report !

Well it’s no wonder the jackass is smiling in his pictures. 

I just told the head  detective in North Carolina and his area that I have the statement from the victim five other victims – plus two adults  eyewitnesses and want him to take a report – and he refused.





Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching.

7 thoughts on “WOW! Police Say ” No”  When I asked To Give Evidence Of Pedo-Priest ..Refuse To Take a Report !”

      1. Sad, you can’t blame the police in this situation that was determined by the judge. Were you able to ask for them to arrest him? If he did it 20 years ago, and in between, he’s going to keep on doing it, this man has to be stopped!!!

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      2. My brother this is has nothing to do with him really this is all quinncidence I happen to get a phone call from somebody out of state that happened to find me and knew that my brother have been molested by this guy that’s the only reason I’m involved because then she told me that she had seven other boys over molesters that’s only reason I’m involved not because my brother because of these kids that’s too long ago my problem is not with there’s no judge of all cuz I want to go to court that’s the problem the Catholic Church holds the wrong cord yes you’re guilty and your promise to pray as your consequence on your early paid retirement

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