My Friend Dileep In India -A Saint!

Raja Dilp’s Ministry-India


I wanted to take a minute and introduce you all to a man who I have come to know in the last year named Dileep. He is from India and he is a full-time analyst for a day job. What he does with the rest of his time is incredible and worthy of a ” 7 ” minute read lol..

Dileep is a Christian who has a small congregation in a very poor part of Guntar, India. Very bad things happen to little children there to earn money and he struggles to help his own flock with their basic needs of food and clothing. However as you can see on the website in pictures, they are not concerned so much with their own needs as they are the country that they love so much and the people who cannot even get a meal of some beans and rice. They want people to be able to eat without committing horrendous crimes or just starving.

He leads his congregation in wrapping and delivering any small amounts of food they can get and delivering it to these starving people. Take a minute to look a the website, inside their church and the people. Look at the pride in their eyes also as they prepare meager amounts of food to deliver for the Christmas Holiday. To me, it is amazing.

We all complain at some time or another about not having this or that..when the truth is we Americans live in the top 4-5% of the world when it comes to luxuries. We just take them for granted.

The letter below is an actual recent one Dileep messaged me so I thought I would share it with you all. You can hear the humility in his words, and I can tell you its genuine. Last time I checked this blog has visitors or followers from more than 65 countries, including India. I am not going to ask you to do anything specific financially for the ministry, as we don’t do that here. But I sure would not mind if a bunch of us helped in whatever way we can. Small monthly gifts or a one time gift can feed more people there then you would believe. We spend more at a dinner out with our family then they do to feed beans to dozens of families.

So I am asking that you take a minute to glance at his site and read his short letter.

What happens from there is between you and him. What happens in India, stays in India, right? lol….Or do I have that confused with another place….Anyhow thanks for checking it out – He is a good, good man. I hope we can assist in some way.


Hello Greetings to you my dear brother and sisters in
the holy and precious name of our Almighty Lord and
Saviour Jesus Christ.
This is Dileep,I am an Evangelist
from India.Our Aims are to the Give a HOPE to the lost
and poor people by spreading the Gospel Among them and
showing Love by proving them food,clothes,Bibles and
Medical Camps.
In Our Ministry we Preach the Gospel as
Jesus said in the Book of Mark 16:15 “AND HE SAID UNTO
EVERY CREATURE” According to this Scripture we are
preaching and spreading the Gospel in the remote
villages and tribal villages and we also distribute the
Bibles to the poor and those who cannot afford to get a
In Our Ministry we show our Love towards
the poor,needy and Lost,As Jesus said in the Book of
Scripture we are showing our Love towards the Poor and
needy and Lost by providing them Food and Clothes,We
are doing this in order to show the Christ’s Love
because not only Gospel can save the people but also
the Christ’s love can changed the hearts of the people
and they can be saved in His Grace.
This is all about
our ministry and it’s Aims.Please pray for us and for
our ministry and if the Holy Spirit leads you please
support our ministry with your offerings which can used
for getting Bibles,Food and Clothes to the needy and
poor,Here is our website in this you can see much more
about our ministry and you can see all the pictures of
our ministry work,
Thanking you all my dear spiritual family, you all are
in our prayers and thank you once again for your
prayers.I Hope and Pray that God Bless you and your
family and ministry and work,I Pray in Jesus name

In Christ,
Evangelist Dileep,


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Social Worker - 20+ years. Experienced with mental and behavioral health as well as alternative education, juvenile justice, addictions treatment also. Currently working with agencies and insurers on changing the way all the systems in these work, using my methods and model of treatments for all the above. We have a horrible system in place our success rates in treatment are 20 -35% and we pay doctors to keep us sick. We also have a problem with drug companies paying doctors to write for dangerous meds to even kids, all in the name of $.. I plan on changing that and in the meantime have been aggressively working at using this site as a platform to offer coaching, counseling and many other services in several languages..oh, and services that actually work! There's a new concept.. I use models I have developed and used with success rates more like 75-85%. Only programs I personally put together and ran in my 20 years in field... Please join the incredible group of followers here as very exciting things are happening. We currently have followers in 60 countries. Most of all, I promise to never let you leave my watch still suffering. My goal has always been to educate, dial in the least restrictive, least expensive , most successful and timely treatment possible. I want everyone to know that our country is a pharmaceutical playground and there ARE cures for things like cancer, liver disease, parkinsons and many a matter of fact they are being cured ( not symptoms treated forever) but actually cured of diseases in many countries who don't allow drug companies to dictate laws.. Money is the only reason we are not using the same healthy and safe natural remedies that God put on this planet. Am I saying that our healthcare system is aware of cures but watches millions die slow painful deaths all in the name of money? Well, I will have to think about it - UMM- YES! I am saying that. If you have not read my homepage please do..let me tease you with a tidbit to get you there... Did you know that the USA is one of only 2 countries in entire world that even ALLOWS any drug companies to put an ad for drugs on television? Hmm. Why does the entire world protect their own, and make sure swindlers cant twist their minds an manipulate them into buying snake oil from drug companies..and why do they make legal the natural plants that heal cancer and so much more? I think you get it... Click Follow... Tj ( I am available for consultation on a case by case basis first come first serve and will work within your abilities to reimburse) contact me

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