Breaking News ..Belichick -Brady-Trump=Dirty Money.

PHOTO: Bill Belichick Spotted On New ‘VII Rings’ Boat –

As a professional I must report it like I sees it. I will admit I hate this one. But my standards are, well think of CNN . Truth must come out, right? Here goes.

I sure hope I’m wrong about this. But I smell a rat. I’ve bragged about Trump all this time and now this. Belicheck has another million-dollar boat. Who does he coach? Tom Brady.

 Who does Tom Brady play golf with? None other than President Trump. This is killing me to write but I think I’m finally seeing the light that the left has been trying to show..

Of course if Brady is involved in the Superbowl, and besties with Trump , well …we all know that Superbowl Sunday is the number one highest day for human sex trafficking. 

.That means our own President is behind the entire human trafficking ring..Im a sucker.

Oh my. I am starting to understand how they think . The libs have me seeing it their way. ..

I will be checking myself into a lockdown psych unit now. Its too painful too be stupid. 



Muslim Refugees Decline Work, Say It’s Against Their Religion To “Perform Labor” For Americans – Conservative Daily Post

Just one problem there imam-


Courtesy of Donald Trump. 

Mr Trump to y’all.

I Supported Their Enemies, Tried To Start A War With Russia On My Way Out And Now I Get Me My Own Medal!

Ode to myself…By Barry Obama.

I am so proud of myself! Yuk Yuk!

I wonder what it feels like to wear one you earn?

By time my chronies figure out I tried to kill this place me and Michael (and the girls) will be far away with goats galore…

So what if my secret service agent snitches on my little kiddie porn and all. The media is mine! Who cares that my college mates just exposed one of my aliases back in the day and told on me for smoking a little crack.

The media and Hillary will be so focused on the fact that Trump is …..well… RICH.

Keep running with that and my treason filled, kiddie porn, crack smoking muslim brotherhood servant 8 years here will be forgotten in no time! LOL!

American suckers. Some are still backing me! Hahahhahahaha!  Have to admit I did love this American ride.




Witness who charged FBI agent with pedophilia found murdered? –

If you are a parent and this does not scare the hell out of you I would be amazed.

If you find yourself attracted to little kids…Cut your hands off before touching them. By the way , these are the ” good guys ” …Wow.Just wow.


Death That Nobody Told Me About??

Why didnt anyone tell me the inventor of the Heimlich maneuver died? 

I got all choked up over that. 


Then the Pac Man inventor dies? That just ate me up. ..

Mailbag Update* My Bad..

Well sure enough as soon as I post some recent emails from notables, I am flooded with emails supporting Hussein Obama. 

So I have decided to add one leaning towards the leftish/mental health side..

Dear DLMK!

Wake up! You write and write all about Obama like he is some kind of terrible, selfish, angry, temperamental and sore loser. Please .Like you or anyone else would not react the same way to disappointment. Grow up.Act your age 


John McEnroe

Nancy Kerrigan 

Tony Stewart

Bobby ( the chair) Knight

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Christiano Rinaldo

Kanye West

Chris Brown

Elton John

Mike Tyson

DLMK- My apologies. We should be evened up. 

Somebody Call A Waambulance…The Sore Loser Is Upset..