Top 3 Issues That Eliminate Hillary From Qualifying For President.



1-Her aversion to and hatred of this

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My son- Army

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Her attraction to.

obama flag

Her shameless Sold Out stance with her Muslim team mate.























I Dont Care Who You Are..We Have All Been Here..


Open Letter To The Addict-Real Open.

Dear Addict-

You are constantly shunned and shamed by people who have never walked in your shoes. You have felt like you are useless, worthless and a failure because you have been unable to ” snap ” out of it like your family or friends tell you. You have sat alone many nights contemplating taking your life. The people judging you each day are usually actually doing sinful things in their own life, but somehow it makes them feel better about themselves to put you down. You are not sinning, you are fighting a disease.

The truth is that addiction does not discriminate and truth be told, one of the leading group of professionals who are in treatment for addiction- are Doctors! You wont hear much on that, but know your not alone. Your no dirtier they are. You just wont have the white jacket on at your NA meeting.

Why don’t people go to the cancer wards all over and tell the patients to ” snap out ” of it? After all if you should then they should -right? Your self-esteem is low and people use your weaknesses against you and even for their gain. The egotistical judges in this world who drive by a tired and depressed addict on the street like to name call and say get a job. You know that if you could somehow get help and get well, you would love to work. Its killing you that you have this chain of bondage around you each day.


Nobody knows your background, how you became involved in whatever it is you are stuck in. As a matter of fact we both know that most of the judges out there would never have made it even half the time you have trying to battle this. They have sometimes never experienced childhood abuse, violence, trafficking, or incredible loss. They may not have a family with a history of addictions that they have had to fight like you in silence. You isolate, you then take a chance and go out in public, but if you fail, you resort back to isolating and contemplating life.

You know what? Good news for you today! The same Lord that died and rose from the dead loves you. He died for you too. He isn’t mad at you. He is a judge of the heart, not the outward actions. He is the only one who can give freedom from bondage. Don’t let the world fool you into thinking that you are a sinner and they aren’t just because your struggles are visible. Millions of those same judges are at home at night looking at child porn and other disgusting things. God knows it, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Pull yourself up and get back on the horse. It isn’t about if you fall, we all fall. It is about how you respond. Don’t stay down. Never stay down.

Next time you look in dismay at your scarred up arms – Remember These Scars.

Your value and identity and hope is in Him, not the hypocrites criticizing what they don’t understand.




Yup — Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

via Yup — Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

These words should bring great hope to those like me who are so very in need of a saviour..


The Day I Saw satan…

I’ll never forget where I was on that day. I was at the office where I met with families. There was a little television that the receptionist kept on low. We only had around 5 therapists in the office that day and it was quiet.

It would prove to be an ominous quiet that I still feel. Suddenly a woman therapist burst out with a loud cry.

. The rest of us got up to see if she was ok. As we all reached the little area at the same time we looked up at what she was seeing on the television.

All I remember is staring at the screen in disbelief and my mouth open but no words could be found. Soon after I became physically ill and was trying not to throw up as I grabbed my truck keys . I had to go get my kids. After all nobody knew when and where this thing would end. My boys were just in elementary school back then .

I snatched them up and hugged their necks real hard. Being a social worker I have seen about everything. Worked with some mean and nasty violent people

This was different. I realized then that satan is alive and his demons were killing my people. I’ll never forget it. Even now I can’t find words to describe it. I only can get any comfort in thinking of the eternal swim in a hot lake that will occur. I remember feeling like I wanted to go home. To my real home. I’ve seen enough.


PTSD vs PTSD – 2 Routes To Go.

Before I lay this out there I just want to say that I am in no way judging anyone or telling you how you should handle what you are going through. I am presenting a different way of approaching very difficult memories that plague us.

Also I want you to know that I live it. I have been involved in many hideous and violent times as a child and also as an adult . I don’t go into detail but I will say that if I ever start to tell my story to a friend who asks, so far nobody has made it through 5 minutes before telling me they have heard enough. It is that gory and disgusting .

So let me just quickly lay out an option for any who are stuck in an endless cycle of memories. If PTSD  has got you locked into weekly therapy that will never end, and just keeps the past fresh on your mind or you just can’t make any headway with your thoughts  let me introduce you to what has helped heal, not regurgitate but heal my scarred heart. It’s called PTSD also. 


It stands for Plead The Scriptures Daily. This differs from traditional therapy in that you now are seeking actual healing -not just temporary exercises to ” make ” it through the day. I don’t want to  ” make it” through the day. I want my life back!

If you are already a believer then you know the power Gods Word has. God never lies and his Word never returns void . Therefore if you are a believer in Christ you have authority to proclaim His promises over your life, your body, your mind and everything In the Bible

You will never move forward if you spend time each week reviewimg the past . So consider identifying the specific promises In the Word that you have need for. Then instead of vomiting up the past learn to speak out loud what God says about your situation . I promise that your days will be lead by hope- not just trying to get through with your huge bag of memories. We all have histories. It’s not if we will have rough times but how we respond that matters. Master your response and you are back in control . Don’t let the tail wag the dog .

If you are not yet a Christian I towould  encourage you to check out some the healing promises God gives. If they are desirable to you consider asking Christ into your life so you might have access as a child of the King .

Life is too short to carry weight you didnt ask for. Don’t just relive the past over and over. Nobody can walk forward with one boot stuck in the past.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other. But the emphasis has to be on meditating on and pleading Gods healing Word daily over you.  If going to therapy helps you to move forward then do both.

That’s it! I’m out.









Shh..I Do Believe I Hear The Distant Sound Of A Fat Lady Clearing Her Throat…

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