Dear DLMK.

As an American loving full on patriot my heart is breaking to see what we would be in for if Trump were to be elected president. He will build walls not bridges, endangering our relationships worlwide. His loose lips style will byte us in the end. Why do the American people even continue voting for him? Also on a side note, can you tell me what ‘ reply all ‘ and bcc mean?


H. Rodham Clinton

Dear H.Rodham Clinton,

Some people are beyond touch of the law. Thankfully the honest and truth seeking people like yourself are still out there. Btw, you accidently sent plans for the presidents emergency evacuation route with this email.




Dear DLMK,

Please help. I am hearing from the president that independence day is about making new friends and opening our arms (and armories) to all nations. My history book teaches something different. What to believe?




Dear Texas,

According to our president, he has been terribly limited by what our forefathers put into writing.  He insists he needs to revise much of it. Fear not though,  rumor has has it his inner circle at the white house to make changes will include JAY-Z, LUDICROUS, and other brilliant authors.





Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching.

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