Hey God!- Tell Your People To Back Off. We Are Atheists!

If we came from monkeys, where did they all go?




 ( somewhere in space……..)

Wormwood to Houston, Wormwood to Houston COME IN! We got a problem and I don’t know what to do. We just got the school job done, it was easy and they totally banned the prayer with His name in it for good! The bad news is that just as soon as we got that job done, another one of those religious nut job singers popped up. She is getting lots of pub too. How should we handle her? What way should we come in from? Marriage? Illness? She does have kids-we could always do what we did with that pastor freak last year! Well, just let me know soon because she getting all these people to believe in Him. We will lose half of our bounty in hell if we allow this. I am out for now.


Wow. Seems a little crazy and hard to understand right? it. The whole battle thing , heaven and hell, demons, Jesus claiming to be the only way to go to heaven and be forgiven. It is so far-fetched to think that we have this big war for souls going down in the invisible world.. Ooh, like the boogeyman, lol.. Anyhow  I am not a very religious guy. I have no problem with people who are, it just ain’t for me.

That smart guy in the wheelchair said we came into being after a cosmic explosion of super dust, then a fish crawled one day out of the water ( like 4 zillion years later) then gradually became a man over the next several billion years. We are products of a big bang. If some people need a comfy blanket like an imaginary creator, good for them. It’s not my cup of tea. I mean, you would have to be pretty far out there to believe in God, when all the evidence says evolution.

Well, no matter what you feel about those invisible battles, we do not have to worry because the war is in our face now, all the time. I say we as Americans need to fish or cut bait. Decide once and for all if we want the name of a ” creator”mentioned in public. It has now come down to what are we the people going to do. For me, I see 2 big problems that at some point will have to clash in a major way. Take the following 2 situations.-

New Christian singer is coming out swinging for Jesus. Loud and proud.”I am coming out strong for JESUS world!


However on a more somber note Lord our King, the people have spoken and have decided that you well, that you simply are not. Therefore no prayers to you. This article fresh off the press says that you, Lord God are not welcome in our discussion.


Well these 2 scenarios are as real as it gets and they are going on  today in America. So, whats it going to be? We will have to come to some understanding about these issues, we are parents after all. I was thinking about the Target bathroom deal yesterday and how it would hit my children. i don’t know for sure, but I will tell you this; on the other side of this coin, I would be livid if my kids got brainwashed about some God, and then I caught them praying or even sneaking off to some youth group.

I think not. I just don’t know how I would handle my kids worshipping a ” god”. What if they lost their tolerance and became bigots like these others? No. I cannot risk it. On the other hand, having my kid go to the same restroom as a She/Man? What is the worst thing that could happen? As long as I don’t catch one of my kids praying. Praying just, well it just rubs me wrong. A fruit loop cross dresser now and again is harmless in comparison-who are we to judge how they were made? I mean for us to judge them by what side of the cosmic duster they came out of? I can handle that.

And now to all of us in the world. What will our decision be with all this? We had better make a plan and soon. Last time I checked, the most effective way for cults to take down the church was to divide and conquer. I don’t think right and wrong came from a cosmic morality explosion. I do not believe that we are just here. I have seen evidence of the opposite. I will end with a thought that everyone should give serious consideration.

Does the fact that the name, just the name of Jesus has the kind of power to send shivers down people’s spines in public? You can say Thor, Joe Smith, or the buddha all day and never get a dirty look. How come? Lastly but probably the most overlooked of all. If God is not why in the world would anyone care what they might see on the way to the store? A wooden cross? Ooh, scary.?

Why spend millions of dollars to get crosses taken down, prayer taken from school, ceremonies with Jesus in them? It doesn’t bother me a bit when people from all over the world show up here where I live for a star wars convention, or a spiderman conference. I wonder why? I know, could it be that I know they are not real, and pose no threat to me? Who cares if some people want to gather and pretend for 2 days they know superman?

On the contrary we all know the anger and hostility that can come over crosses or bibles. If God was not real then why be offended by a symbol that another uses to worship? I think I have come to know the answer, but it did not come easy. Running around malls yelling the names of dozens of religious figures to see who gets offended at what is not easy. Speaking the name of buddha while in a grocery line and following it up with a casual mention of Jesus. Never have I had anyone even look at me for any names any name accept Jesus that is. Hey it could be a coincidence. Either way, I do have a confession to make. I actually do not believe in such thing as an ” atheist”. I do however believe that a whole bunch of us would rather not be reminded of God. Out of site, out of mind? Maybe that is the thinking.

But for the blood of Jesus, I am no better than they are and I still have no place to judge. I can keep praying though. Heck, that’s why I am still alive, someone was praying. Pay it forward-

Keeping it Legit! He isn’t our ” Co-pilot” either…lol – He is running the whole show and one day He said everyone that has breath will confess Him as Lord. Hey don’t shoot the messenger, I didn’t say it. Just trying to keep it real in this place.

Whirled Peas-








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