Hillary , -I Don’t Know How To Use A Computer-

Finally. We hear the reason why so many rules were  broken and security was breached by Hillary’s use of email. Simple enough, she just doesn’t know how to use a computer!  Geez,  Mrs. Secretary,  all you had to do was tell us in the first place.  It sounds very logical.

It was reported that at least 2 people offered help, according to these 2 public emails found in Hillary’s mailbox

Dear Hillary I would be glad to help you learn anything you need to about computers. I actually invented the internet.-Al Gore

Hillary,-  Honey, I have done extensive work involving desktops in the white house,  I will help if you like.-Bill C

She apparently declined help and now regrets it.

And with that I am going to list my top 3 Hillary lies and see if this should make the list.

1-” I was an integral part of the Ireland peace process”. ( One problem here- nobody there recalls seeing her at the table )

2-“Chelsea was jogging around the twin towers when 911 happened”. ( later we saw her on television discussing how she and her daughter watched it on television from their apartment.)

3-“We were flat broke when we left the white house.” ( the year after leaving. the Clinton’s reported an income of 12 million.)

I think it deserves a spot on this list.




Obama@Trump- You Dont Care About American Safety

Are You Serious Mr. President? 

The movie Wag The Dog with Dustin Hoffman comes to mind here.

The financier of the Muslim Brotherhood ( 3 billion ) and the one who has made every effort to take American gun rights, is now making yet another amazing accusation.

President Obama says Trump is not concerned with the safety of this country. Excuse me but was it not you Mr. President who stroked a 3 Billion dollar check to the Muslim Brotherhood a few years back? They used the funds for arms.

You have at the same time tried all you can to take the gun rights of Americans away.  Now when Trump shows concern about the violence with the muslim population you spin it into an anti-religious thing. I for one am glad to hear someone show actual concern for our safety, whereas I have seen nothing but what appears to be a purposeful stripping away of any power and rights we hold by you.


Gun That Killed Teen Sold For 250k By Shooter.

Zimmerman Gets 250k For Gun He Killed Black Teen With – Sold As ” Piece Of History”


Just when I think we are making progress in society with all the race issues and the like I am silenced by something like this, that I have no words to explain they why in it.

I followed the George Zimmerman -Trayvon Martin trial pretty closely. I really didn’t know which way things would go, but it seemed like if breaks were to be had, Zimmerman was getting them. I am not saying he intentionally murdered Trayvon, I just mean that things seemed to have went his way a lot.

Zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old Martin in his neighborhood while involved in a neighborhood watch program. Trayvon was in the area one night with a hoody and then the story is told about the two struggled and then the teen was shot. Of course during the trial, it didn’t help that the usual publicity seekers flew in for a day throw the race card in.However, even Al Sharpton and his ranting along with the riots that almost occurred didn’t change the outcome of the trial.

Zimmerman was found not guilty of the crime of murder. It was a shock to many, and things did go his way many times in the trial, but it is what it is. Its over. With that said, the thoughts of sadness still remain of a needless killing of another kid. People still talk about  this story, maybe because Zimmerman keeps popping up in the news for other unrelated crimes.

When it was a reported that he was allowed to keep, and sell the murder weapon at auction for 250k, heads really turned.  The buyer of the gun said it was a ” piece of history’ . It should be noted that Zimmerman is donating a portion of the money to a few black charities. For whatever that is worth.

I don’t know exactly what it is about this deal, but it does not feel right. I think it is really just pouring salt in the wounds and mocking the tragedy.




Indonesia Says Castrate Or Kill Child Predators

Child Predators Finally Getting What They Need-


It is for sure the most difficult topic to think about and as a parent to imagine. I have seen a lot in this world. I even understand why people do the things they do sometimes. There are people who have been through very hurtful childhoods and do things in response to those experiences.

Taking an innocent child, powerless to help themselves, and forcing yourself on them causing unimaginable physical and emotional pain, for your own pleasure? It is just not anything I can find a reason to justify no matter what the circumstances. It seems to me that anyone with a human soul would first slit their own wrists than even consider the thought.

It has always been a mystery to me why predators are ever released from prison. The data is very clear that the repeat rate is very high. So I applaud Indonesia for at least making a move in the right direction. Better late then never.




At Any Cost-Very Sad.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — First it was ice and now it’s fire. The latest YouTube challenge involves people intentionally setting themselves on fire. It’s called “The Fire Challenge” and young people across the country are taking it in droves, CBS2’s Elise Finch reported. They pour flammable liquid on their body then set themselves on fire, just…

via Queens Boy Suffers From Burns On Over 40 Percent Of Body After Attempting Viral ‘Fire Challenge’ — CBS New YorkCBS New York


Here it is. More evidence of just how far kids will go for some attention. Whatever it takes. If you are a parent, understand that your child will want attention, and if they don’t get it from you in a positive way, they will get it another way. Make no mistake they will get it. Beat them to it, give your kids some positive reinforcement and time as much as possible.




It Took A Bunch Of Bull-But I Get It Now.


jesse clous 9
Jesse-Cloud 9

Life is certainly a roller coaster and can blast us with some very hurtful things. We begin to dwell on them, convincing ourselves that we are the only ones suffering, We start preparations for a pity party we will throw. We start speaking only the negative in our lives and take the great for granted.

Sometimes if we take just a minute to see what has been going on while we have been pouting, we realize that it was us who took our eyes of what is important, it did not go anywhere.

18 years ago, my 2nd son was born. He has quietly been making his way to his goals and I have been keeping track and cheering him on. Today as I celebrate his graduation from High School, I am reminded of what has been going on behind the scenes. Turns out it is pretty good! Congratulation to my 2 time champion bull rider, who is living the dream he asked God to get to live many years ago. Today he is a professional bull rider heading to the big show- the ” Danged Old Rodeo” as Garth would say.

It is amazing how faithful God is to us-even through our tantrums.

I am mega- proud of you Jesse, and who you put first in your life. I love you son.









Cigarettes Kill. Offended? So Does Homosexuality – Offended?

Many people think that saying homosexuality is wrong, is hate speech and have therefore adopted a tolerance toward the whole issue. Aside from the obvious scriptural teaching that says homosexuality and lesbianism is sin, consider some of these facts: Homosexuals average living twenty years less than their heterosexual counterparts.1 THINK OF THAT! The government mandates that health warnings be put on cigarette packages, and smoking, on average, takes ten years off a person’s life.2 That means that on average, homosexuality reduces a person’s life 200 percent more than cigarette smoking. If there was any objectivity on this issue, people would speak out against homosexuality twice as much as they do against cigarettes.

However, the homosexual community tries to portray their lifestyle as normal, like the traditional couple next door. That is an absolute lie. Statistics show that domestic violence among homosexuals is 300 times greater than traditional couples.3 Suicide is 200 percent greater, and depression among homosexuals is 50 percent greater than heterosexuals.4

Some argue that these statistics are so high because homosexuals are denied acceptance in our culture. But look at societies like the Netherlands where homosexuality has been legalized for years. The rate of psychiatric illness is statistically similar to countries that haven’t granted this recognition to homosexuals.5 Therefore, that argument dies.

In the states that have allowed homosexual marriages, such as Vermont, only about 25 percent of homosexuals have availed themselves of marriage.6 Think about this—43 percent of homosexuals have had sex with 500 partners or more in their lifetimes. And 28 percent of homosexuals have had 1,000 or more sexual partners.7 That is HUGE! They aren’t moral people who want committed relationships. These statistics show that the majority of homosexuals are not “normal” by any measurement but their own. Their lifestyle is not only destructive to themselves but also to society.

When the spiritual effects of homosexuality are factored in, this is one of the most destructive lifestyles possible. It’s not a hate crime to say homosexuality is wrong any more than it’s a hate crime to say smoking is hazardous to one’s health. It’s just the truth. If we truly loved those trapped in homosexuality, we would speak out on this issue.But those who are telling the truth have been branded as hate mongers when just the opposite is true. Those who endorse homosexuality are burying their heads in the sand of “political correctness” and encouraging destructive behavior.

Leviticus 19:17 says,

“Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.”


I am embarrassed for the bands like Springsteen, Pearl Jam , Maroon 5 and others who are loudly and proudly refusing to play in NC because of this transgender law. What they really are saying is ” We support your early death and depressed life” – If they only knew they would be ashamed. They are not helping anyone.