Latest APA Standpoint- It was All In Our Heads. Psychiatry And Psychologists Out Of The Closet. It Was Just An Illusion.

Well it has been whispered for years among clinical workers, doctors, and the general public I assume that the practice of studying the mind scientifically was a bunch of bull. Yet we all know someone who clearly suffers from some mental health issues. They are NOT an illusion. The problem which seems to be tolerated fine by the public is that on paper their has not been a shred of scientific progress in the study of the brain as it relates to behaviors, medications or anything. Notta. Zip.

You know this means they are actually self reporting their deceptive practices and their promotion of designer drugs advertised on television every day. If you think about it, they have formally acknowledged ZERO progress in 50 years of studying the brain. Hold on a second- something just came to mind. If no new information was found in 50 years, how did the BILLION dollar drug companies manage to keep their groove on shootin out new designer drugs faster then Obama can commit treason (allegedly) that are breakthrough for some disorder, when we know now their could not have been any data that actually called for a change in the meds they gave out in the 1960’s?

I think my brain is actually making a comeback. The fog is lifting! I wonder why America is one of only 2 countries in the world that even allow the promotion of drugs on television. It is especially surprising now knowing that the FDA actually had to approve and monitor the clinical trials, giving the nod to the mega-billion dollar pharmaceutical racket. I mean how could it be? Certainly it cannot be what it appears.

However this all plays out, at some point in time those of us that have loved ones on meds all their lives will begin to a tad bit…well slighted. Actually I am clearing up strong in my mind now and the way I see it ( keep in mind I do have Generalized Anxiety Disorder) this could go down as the greatest scam in history. Better then a Ponzi. It dwarfs any illegal money transferring or funneling and kind of makes the mob look -well…a little small time.
This wont really settle in for everyone right away because its too grand. When it does however come clear as to what thousands of doctors have willingly implanted in millions of patients minds and bodies, all the while knowing damn well it could kill half of them?

Hopefully the FDA will crack down and prosecute….wait a minute. The FDA and the drug people and the doctors all had to know..

I am also seeing a possible glitch in the actual creation of these labels that fill the pages of the DSM the doctors use. Come to think of it Hoss- they make them up! Every four or five years I believe its the actual psychologists and psychiatrists who meet up in the back woods kicking around new possibilities for ” disorders”. As a matter of fact this new edition was excellent reading. The one new one that stood out to me was the ” teenage rebellion syndrome”
Although don’t quote me ( you cannot anyways since I have temporary chronic seizure symptoms) but I think one of the boys up in the woods came up with the ” too much laughing syndrome” or something like it.
I suppose just like any good ole boys will do when out in the woods- pour a few back, who knows, maybe they all burned a fat one each day. Whatever they did, one thing ended up the same every time -a new set of reasons for the drug companies to get on the ball and pump out some designer feel good pills to cure all these laugher’s and rebellious teens…

Wait just a minute- Is this what it looks like? You know working in the field I remember wondering how incredible that 15 new disorders were announced, and the drug man already had 15 different fix em up pills standing in the doctors office. You don’t think…I mean its unthinkable. No way. Hmmm. How could the the drug companies know what to put out , create, clinically trial and get FDA nod all at the same time? I think I am getting too cerebral with this. Overthinking it. That is why my anxiety is so high I guess. No worries – I have my xanax too. I just have to keep an eye on the old ticker since the xanny bars slow you down some you know. Thank God for whoever invented uppers. Keeps me balanced with the benzos.

This is real stuff in the real world full of very vulnerable people who can easily be convinced simply by the power of suggestion and some reiteration of who is the doctor. Been happening 50 years now, they say. The doctors and druggists, all aware. Its really a shame one of those guys didnt pick up on this earlier. Heck their is my dang intermittent overthinking thing I Have . I better stop y’all.

God Bless America. Stay Healthy.


Do Marriages Today Practice Unconditional Love And Forgiveness ? Or Are We Just Big Talkers?

This week on several levels I have seemed to run into unreal examples of families and marriages holding it together through very hard times. However at the end of the week it came to me that the fact it got my attention meant that its not so common.When it comes to marriages, the media encourages quick break ups and downplays the institution of marriage itself. When you have been married awhile it is going to happen that one hurts the other or there seems no hope.
The heartbreaks that can sometimes come out of marriage , children and the adjustment to it can be tough. By God’s grace all of my boys and girls are healthy and have no medical issues. However just 2 weeks ago their little 11 year old cousin was crushed in a car accident on his way to school,and he has never regained consciousness and is now fed and treated like a baby, with little hope of any progress. That makes you stop and think.
So when a husband and a wife commit to one another, for better or worse, sickness and health etc…what does that really mean? Easy to say but I doubt many are staying with that.
I have been on the receiving end of this for many years.
Medical issues, and personal issues kept me crawling for life, but whenever I looked to my side, she was there.Its a rare woman these days who stick with you through the hard, long times.
I also have noticed over the last decade or so that everybody has a self help book on marriage. Men are from Mars, women from venus sold enormous amounts.
One thing I have also noticed is that men think completely differently then women. I cant count the number of times I thought out a plan to make my wife feel good, or say something that I thought would be nice – only to be left feeling as if I tore her apart. Men are good at that. We do stupid stuff. Even as much as we love our spouses, we can get tangled up on the wrong side of sin just the same. That’s no excuse to sin, its a reason to beware of it creeping into your life.
Ive met every kind of couple you can imagine in my career. The “Were spending 100k on our wedding” but the marriage lasts 1 year.The ” we don’t need any guidance thank you very much” who then crumbles when kids appear.It doesn’t really matter what couple you are or we are, what matters is how quickly we renig on our promise to stay with them through the hard times.I have always been a judge of the heart. Not outward behavior or appearances but whats the motive?
I can forgive anyone who has a good heart but took some wrong turns.Its the ” conditional couples” that have it worst.If you do this, I will do that. If you dare play golf instead of taking the family to the beach,there will be hell to pay.I judge myself the same way. I have been labeled as things I was not, but my outward behavior convinced people otherwise. Talk to a recovered heroin addict who has been clean for awhile. One of the most torturing things people can do is to assume…
Unless you have walked a mile in their shoes, don’t go there. Most recovered addicts I know spent most of their addiction years praying for healing, while outsiders mock them.
Its similar in marriage. Both hearts have to be good. They may get dirty and nasty sometimes, but the heart doesn’t change. Lets forgive if we say we will. Lets love without expectations back. For those of you who are thinking that I dont know how bad its been, I am not encouraging staying in an abusive relationship. There are counselors that can help work through it though, if you are willing.
The best example I can think of is when this saviour I know was with some other guys who were more then ready to kill someone for their sin. The saviour stepped in, took the man aside and drew something that changed their minds. It doesn’t reveal what he drew, but I am guessing it was the time and date of the same sin they themselves committed.
Right now its food for thought, but I would love feedback!


Kids- Nobody Likes To Admit It- But When It Comes Right Down To It- The Tail Waggeth The Dog.


My second youngest daughter is 8. That age when she starts to be aware of ” stuff” like Iphones, make up and the like. My boys are 21 and 18 and I think things went pretty well with them, discipline wise. They did something wrong, they knew a consequence was coming.
Somehow I seem to have more difficulty issuing consequences to my little princess, or ” poca” as I call her after pocahontas. I am still totally 100% in control, dont get me wrong.
It just seems that she has a certain way of tearing up that makes my heart weak I know she couldnt be doing it on purpose. She must really be taking this hard, poor kid.
The thing is, about 15 years ago I spent 5 years as a live in foster parent for teenage girls, 6 at a time. I do seem to recall it being a common source of manipulation for them to turn on the tears when they didnt like the answer they got…
Surely those girls had deep troubles. My baby girl is as innocent as they come.
Until yesterday, that is. My little princess pushed it over the ” my daddy loves me” line. It was a simple thing really, we were all doing a little cleaning up, and I asked her to bring the dust pan from the room she was in, into the room I was in. First I thought I heard a little complaining, but I assured myself it must be the television. Just then, around the corner she flew, stopping at the door and tossing the dust pan right at my forehead.
Something snapped in me. I am not sure what exactly, but it ended with no television for the night and she was a few years younger it would have been much worse. After a few minutes I began to pace around and question myself. I used to teach on this! I taught teachers on this! Parents too. Now I found myself stuck in an uncomfortable position. Not having to issue a consequences, but having to ask my the question ” Why would my daughter ever feel comfortable throwing anything at anyone”- that was my real issue.

The answer in case this has happened to you, is not that you are a bad parent, necessarily. The real answer lies within the circle of role models the child is surrounded with. Especially adults, the teachers, parents friends parents etc..You are the first line for your children. The old saying ” the apple doesnt fall from the tree ” is right on. Many hundreds of times I sat in meetings at schools, whether IEP or another type. During these meetings I would hear a parent cussing his teen up and down for acting out. The child realized at a much younger age what is acceptable in his home, by the modeling of his parents.

We could go on about this subject for hours, but for now, let me throw in one other critical topic that will help you understand how and why your child has to have postivie and negative reinforcement. I taught parent training for Orange County Public schools, and several other large parenting groups for years.The one thing that was always the biggest surprise, and the most difficult for for parents to change, was what we call ” ratios”. Ratios happen all day each day to your child. They come from you, teachers, and other adult instructors.

During the trainings, I would ask the class , if they had to guess what the ratios of postive to negative comments or negative to comments would be in their house on the average day. Most smirked because positive comments were not all to when we finished the average for each class was about 15 negatives for every positive comment. Why is this important? Because psychologists have proven over and over that positive reinforcement is the only way to actually change patterns of behavior. Sure, if people are yelling and screaming you might get them to stop for the moment by yelling negative comments at them. but that is just a band aid.

Here is one way to start seeing changes in your childs behavior and it doesnt require doctors or counseling -just parents and their kids. The idea is to reverse the thinking which on the average is about 15:1 and try to eventually reverse it. You may be thinking ” YOU ARE NUTS” but I promise you if you try the ” catch -em being good” method you will not be dissapointed. The trick is to forget about what you dont want to see. Look for the behaviors you do want to see. Take a small behavior issue like a child looking down when you speak to him. When you repeatedly ask him to look you in the eyes you get nothing. Now, lets say a week has passed, and you are talking to him, when all of the sudden he glances your way for a second. This is your chance to start turning the behavior around. You stop everything and praise the boy for making eye contact. After awhile he will look at you just for the praise. You can apply this to any type behavior, school work, whatever it may be. 15:1 positive to negatives. If you are chuckling at this, imagine if your boss started praising you 15 times a day. Wouldnt that make you likely to continue it? Of course.
Well, I have to go and clean my daughters room now. We made a deal if I did that I could watch the sports channel tonite.