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Do you ever wonder how society became so judgemental and cruel?

Do you grow up hearing your parents talking bad about others and judging them so you think its okay.

People just aren’t  born thinking bad about others.They have to get it from somewhere.Why though why would you want to teach your child to judge or talk down to people.

I had this thought the other day if my daughter grows up hearing me talk positive about others never anything negative, will she too think the same about others.

Maybe if everybody thought the same our children would never have to deal with bullying.They wouldn’t look at each other and judge one another.

Imagine what a better place with world would be.I know that it’s unrealistic too think that this is possible.I know that I will try my best to raise my daughter the right way.Try to show her that nobody…

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Have You Really Taught Your Child What A Child Predator is?

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I thought I would start my post with some reminders of the sad things going on, before I move on to some sick things going on. Here”s the question to you- Have you given your child a fair shot at not becoming the victim of a child predator?  I am not asking if you have  told them not to talk to strangers or useless crap like that. I mean have you done your homework by studying the methods predators use to lure children into their vehicle, the woods, or wherever – all while the parents were sitting close by chatting.

Recently a police officer volunteered his 8 year daughter and himself to video a scene at a park . ” Aint no way she will go off with anyone” and he went on to brag how being in law enforcement he has taught her the ropes.

About 10 minutes after they started shooting, a very old man, with a cane who could barely walk made his way near the slide the girl was on. He sat near her crying and staring at a picture. The girl and a few others went over to the old wretched man and make sure he was not needing a doctor or ambulance.

The man slowly raised the picture higher and on the picture was an older photo of a very cute puppy. The man went on to tell the kids that the dog snuck off his leash and disappeared – worse yet his wife of 40 years cherished the dog. His wife was coming home from a hospital procedure that night and he could not go back without the dog.

The kids felt bad and agreed to each walk around the park for a few minutes to see if they saw the dog. As the kids scattered the old man seemed to be slowly walking toward the girl. He got near the line where the park meets the woods, and shouted ” Hey I just saw my puppy! He went right in there, in the woods.

The only one within earshot was the policemans daughter, and she came right over and asked ” where did he go, point me the direction”. She did run back in the woods, and he was no old man with a puppy. Actually he was a convicted felon with enough arrests for pedophilia that he earned the badge of Child Predator.

At that point the officer had seen enough to be worried and he went off running in the direction as his daughter. To his surprise, there was no puppy, but just about 15 yards further they found a van. They opened it and found all kinds of tapes, kids in pornographic material, a his license which revealed he was actually not married, about 30 years younger than he dressed and looked, and had 5 previous jail stays for lewd/child molestation. The camera crew, the father and everyone around were shocked.

I wont go into detail about what they do to these poor kids, but its something I wont write. Bottom line, do your homework and teach your children through role- playing about how to handle these situations. I live in a decent area, yet the stats show that 1 in every 19 people that live here are child predators.

Word to my people- and fellow parents– this one is critical.


You Do Realize That You Teach Your Kids How To Act?

1607064_10201713743982135_1693843947_nI would say that most of us have felt this at some point or another. Maybe when there are 10 kids patiently waiting in line for something and there is always that one, pushing, shoving, calling names. You would think the parents were not around.

They are simply demonstrating what they see at home or what is tolerated at home. Its no secret that America has lost grip with what parenting is like.

I was even more disturbed to find out through the movie ” American Sniper” how many children are purposely put to death by given grenades to carry and told that allah would make them a hero.

Its a sick thing to put a kid in harm at home, or across the globe. Lately I have been seeing report after report of teachers, lawyers, even law enforcement busted for child porn and found out that trading pics of babies 2-5 years old is a BILLION dollar industry. Are you kidding me?

I feel that its time to step up as a parent and don’t try to cover the eyes of the child. Let your kids know whats going on in the real world. I let my 8 year daughter watch a dateline special on how pedophiles have ways of luring any kid away. She was shocked at what she saw. It might have been disturbing to her, but she thought long about it.

Since I spent 20 years teaching delinquent teens, thugs, and bangers how to learn to respect others, I am aware that most kids who have that problem never had anyone at home take the time to teach them basic social skills. They learned what they learned on the streets. Take time with your kid. If you have to take them for a tour at juvenile detention to see what hardened thugs are like. Let them see what lies ahead when one of the inmates finds them # cute#-

We have in the USA recruiters from ISIS, getting American teens left and right to board planes left and right to join our enemy. Since our president has 4+ times refused the generals request to kill the entire ISIS crew in short time, he seems to have an interest in not hurting radical islamic groups. That there is a problem. When a president of one country turns his back us, tries to take our weapons away…while at the same time furnishing muslim terrorist groups ( a 3 billion cash donation, support for military gear and weapons, and a refusal to take ISIS down after our soldiers have begged him to cut them to pieces) we have some problems.

These kids who are recruited Are Americans. Where the hell did they learn about what is wrong and right? Would Chris Kyle go along with this?

Now we have IMAMS on CNN telling the USA what we are ‘ allowed” to say about the muslims? The flag issue? I have an idea about flags. How about any muslim caught saying anything negative about America gets there own flag. Enema style. Right before they recite the pledge of allegiance followed by the public be heading. Send them all back to their goats where they party all day long..