Admit It Or Not ~ We Are All Totally Confused About What Is Going On In This World.

Its not even hip to act like we are  ” in the know” anymore when it comes to this world and the jacked up whack jobs out there. And I am just talking about the politicians and our leaders. They know that we know that they have no clue what they are doing. Just in America alone, we have not seen Joe Biden in a year.  Understanding his son was very sick we can at least justify that.

The Imam islam leader is now a regular on CNN giving us input on what we should be permitted to say in our own country. Obama, meantime just keeps pumping up his muslim crew and is trying to cancel 4th of July in America, as not to offend our muslim “friends” during their time of fasting. Oh, and he took full advantage of the tragic shooting in South Carolina by announcing that we need to get to get the guns out of people’s hands. Sorry Mr. President, I plead the 2nd. One white crack head does not represent even a tiny minority of the population, so don’t try and make this something it is not.

David Dawkins the famous atheist has yet another mystery to solve. Science has recently announced that there may be no such thing as an ” atheist ” possible due to the wiring in us… UH OH! Either way it will give him another project.

Now this next subject, I have touched on, but it is coming at us so strongly that answers must come! Can you be bi-sexual, trans-sexual , and bi-curious? Also, with Ms. Jenner, the female soul, but male that under a new category? It sounds too much like cross dressing to me, which is not nearly as dramatic as what they are making Ms. Jenner out to be. I know he wont ever grace the Wheaties Cereal Box again, but don’t rule out a new SWEETIES cereal featuring non other then…..

Oh and does anyone else wonder why we have to be careful not to offend muslims in America, but our Army General just got jacked for reading from the Bible? How about this switch in plans; while in America, you do as we say. For example, you say ISIS, you lose YOUR head. You threaten anyone who talks about moham-head, you get a “Columbian neck tie.” ( Look it up). I cannot believe the greatest country in the world is standing by watching our leaders try and take our arms, take our rights, and turn them over to goat chasers. No offense intended of course to my muslim friends.

Parents are letting there kids do anything they choose and calling it ” tolerance ” – if they only knew where they were leading them. Speaking of parents and adults in general, when did they become such freaks? Everyday I hear about another teacher, or any kind of worker arrested for having hundreds of copies of child porn with kids like 3-6 years old on them! Are you for real? Adults getting off on 5 yeas old”s?

The way I see things, everything is going downhill. I wont be one that lets mine slide down to the dump though.I am not afraid to stand up and say what is right and wrong. There is a whole bunch wrong with this world right now and things are not lining up for the better. I wish I had an answer for all this, but it really comes down to plain old stupid people. In America, Hillary has her face plastered all over for people to start thinking about her run……WHAT????? The same Hillary from Benghazi? The same Hillary who got a nice courteous 3 day notice to clear out those emails? Please. We are the like the butcher slaughtering himself.

Nobody who acts happy is really happy, millionaires are killing themselves all the time. Celebrities the same thing. People act happy when they are suicidal and feel the necessity to hide their feelings so they appear strong. Bump that. Call me weak- I am heading straight for the therapist if I feel like acting crazy. Husbands killing their entire families, little children. Man go jump off a bridge if you must, but leave the innocent kids alone. Recently a jackass through his 4 year old daughter off into the ocean from a bridge, to get the mother back for leaving him. Burn.

So what is normal anymore? Is there any thing we all consider wrong or right anymore? Is there?

People have become like sheep. Sheep follow the line, even if the line walks right off the edge of a cliff. No questions asked. How sad. I will be honest, I look at people differently then  used to. I look at almost everyone with distrust. I assume they are going to attempt t0 harm my girls or family. I didn’t always used to be that way, but I always will be now. I don’t care if its a cop ( one in town recently was arrested for child porn) or a priest. WAIT- ESPECIALLY a priest. I just don’t . That is a sad part of my life.





Is This Really Happening? Sexual Predators At Disney?

Another problem nobody seems to be aware of. Sexual predators are being busted left and right trying to have sex with little girls. These guys are full blown adults. Husbands, fathers and going from their jobs at Sea World or maybe a law firm to meet who they think is an underage girl for sex. i am sure we have all seen it 20/20 or some other special. However it is a growing problem and so far in my state of Florida, I have really seen only one man as pissed off about it as I am.

Grady Judd, the long time advocate for these kids is the sheriff of Polk County Florida. He has a passion to get these scumbags off of the streets. If you have children, imagine the horror of finding out that your 8 or 9 year old was brutally raped. Law or no law, if that happened to one of my kids, it would be immediate execution behind the barn. Old school-backwoods and with at least a few hours of relentless torture in places they never knew they even had before any shots fired.

Anyhow, how this ties into my blog is that over the years I have worked with many children who were sexually abused by their own family members, but as to not be revealed, they took their children tho therapists or psychiatrists and reported odd symptoms typical of anti-social behavior, which just by chance are similar to the symptoms of sexual abuse.

If you do nothing else, check your local area on the internet to see where they live by you. Check this article out..By the way, these guys do less time then most no-violent offenders.


“Wherever you find children, you’ll find sexual predators:” Dozens of theme park employees caught in sex stings, child porn arrests

The Surprise That We Should All Know About– But Most Parents Have No Idea.

Below is an article shedding some light on exactly what goes on behind the scenes, when it comes to why so many little children and kids in general are being identified with a mental health diagnoses by psychiatrists.Let me be clear that as I have said before, not all doctors practice this way, and I am not saying there is no need at all for mental health treatment.

However, after working in and around the groups in the mental health field for 20 years- I will admit that the entire reason I started Don’t Label My Kid was due in most part to what I saw happening in person to the thousands of kids I worked with.
I think most parents are careful to at least think about what is about to happen to their child before they go in to the psychiatrist’s office. However besides knowing that they aren’t leaving without a nice new label for your child, and of course some ” wonder meds “- there needs to be much more understanding about how that ” label ” will impact the child.

Most kids with mental health labels have a totally different view of themselves once it settles in. They begin negative self talk, negative thinking about their abilities, and then the worst part- the ” I’m going to live this thing out if that’s what I am”- the point that kids rebel, do whatever they feel like and then the parent starts to buy into the label and its all downhill from there. Why am I touching on this? I am touching on this to hopefully raise some awareness about how/why many children are medicated anyway. This short article put out by the Washington Post will quickly make your jaw drop. Within it you will see these 2 stats; 94% of doctors have a relationship with a drug company. How about this one- about 1 BILLION dollars per year is paid to doctors by the drug companies who see that the doctor continues to write patients for their medicine.

Over 500,000 doctors in the USA have received payments from drug companies. So you may wonder how this occurs so much. One reason is the prescribing of super expensive drugs over the same generic version. Anyone know someone who takes Crestor? Its 200-300 bucks a month to fill. Funny thing is that Lipitor has been doing the same results as this ” designer” drug for years. Guess what though- A script for lipitor only costs 15 bucks per month to fill. Hmm. I wonder why any doctor would write anyone for a script that costs 15x more but does the same thing? $tarting to $ee the picture yet?

Anyhow, I hope you take 5 and check out this article….more to come. Please do comment on any experiences you have had in this area!

I Know I am schizophrenic. But So Am I.

I have had it . Im done. Im over wondering is it only I who is in total awe of what we have become as a society? Am I the only one that tells my kids that the two men kissing on television is an inaccurate picture of how things were created to be?

Am I the only one who gets sick in my stomach when I see this country totally collapse morally, abandon our God, our values and all it used to be to be a proud American? Im embarrassed for us.

Look at us, we have become so ” tolerant”.

If I hear someone use that word for an excuse to justify disgusting and sinful behavior I think I may have to embrace the feelings I have had for many years that I was actually born a sea turtle trapped in a man’s shell.

If there isn’t an operation for that yet, it won’t be long.

This is not a reaction just our Olympic male Wheaties hero switching gears either.

My only suggestion to Ms. Jenner would have been to hit a shrink or a pastor up before ” revealing ” his feminine soul to the world. Now we have yet another category to the confused. A female soul but male parts and attraction to females..still?  Huh?

I couldn’t care if you are the most liberal , immoral, tolerant person in the world. Is ANYBODY going to try and take this country back? Is everyone too afraid of being called a bigot because they call a sin a sin??

If your thinking how much of a jerk I must be , hold on a second. Let me make it clear that I call sin in my own life sin. I don’t make up buzz words to justify sin. To you atheists or those who are calling me a bible thumper right now…allow me to explain why this whole new ” anything goes”rule is tearing me up so bad. If you are a parent,  this may open your eyes about why sin is not good, even if don’t believe God is real or you worship sea turtle eggs . Here is the point- sin actually has real life consequences. Deadly many times. If your love your child , and you knew you were letting them go with flow, teaching tolerance for everything, here is where you will regret it…

Take one topic, just as an example, homosexuality.

Now whatever your beliefs about God are, put them aside for a minute. Would you be surprised to know that homosexual relationships are statistically —

1-Shortest lasting.

2- Highest domestic violence rate

3- Highest substance abuse rate

4-Highest suicide rate of all types of relationships.

Would you- knowing this , still be teaching your kids that anything is ok? Would you really do that to your own child? No parent in their right mind would set their kid up for those odds.

However, we have lost sight of these facts and even encourage the behavior in some cases.

On a personal note, Im a Christian. I am totally embarrassed by the way the Catholic Church let’s pedophiles dress up like priests and chase altar boys around. Billions of dollars are in reserve for the thousands of existing molestation allegations.

Worse yet, the Vatican does not want law enforcement involved since these are church issues. They will handle it from the inside, they scream. Don’t piss on me and tell me It’s raining.

I wish I was exaggerating when I tell you this personal note. Im not.

The very priest who molested my own brother and groomed him from a young age to trust him but betrayed everything the church stands for, even when shown proof in writing from the priest to my young brother, he was not arrested. He was suddenly ” promoted” to an out of state church, still doing his thing today just in another state.

Pretty sad. That’s not the worst part. When he was all finished screwing my brother up and had moved on, my brother handled it a different way. He left all the letters from the priest on his dresser, and walked outside our home and shot himself in the head.

Ironically the priest denied an invitation to participate in the funeral…and hit the road for his new flock lightening fast. So as a Christian Im not saying I am better then anyone. Im even pointing out the hypocrites in the church.

However, the rules don’t change because we make new ones. God made things a certain way for a certain purpose. If you don’t like it , take it up with Him. I didn’t write the bible. I am illustrating the point that letting religious differences get in the way of what’s good and right for people is wrong. If you don’t want to accept Christ, then do your kid a favor and tell them what’s right and wrong. If only for the stats, isn’t that enough?

Im tired of watching kids get lied to. Watching confused little kids say they are  “bi”  …or whatever.

The media wants to jam it down our throats by allowing shows with gay couples.

Sorry, Im not buying it. And if you were looking at a shell casing from a 38 fresh out of your child’s head because you never stood up and taught them right and wrong, you wouldn’t either.

No judgements meant people. That’s not me. I love all of you the same. I just can’t be silent while I see death and destruction in families all around me. Ive been doing this 20 years and have seen too much that most dont see. It’s real.

Im asking you to consider your child’s future as you decide what to tolerate.

Peace. .


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