VIDEO Shameful Silence – Marine court-martialed for refusing to remove Bible verse

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monifa sterling marine
May 26, 2015 By Todd Starnes

A United States Marine was convicted at a court-martial for refusing to remove a Bible verse on her computer – a verse of Scripture the military determined “could easily be seen as contrary to good order and discipline.”

The plight of Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling seems unbelievable – a member of the Armed Forces criminally prosecuted for displaying a slightly altered passage of Scripture from the Old Testament: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

Sterling, who represented herself at trial, was convicted February 1, 2014 in a court-martial at Camp Lejune, North Carolina after she refused to obey orders from a staff sergeant to remove the Bible verses from her desk.

She was found guilty of failing to go to her appointed place of duty, disrespect toward a superior commissioned officer, and four specifications of disobeying the lawful order of a noncommissioned officer.

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Can One Have ” tolerance ” today and still possess a backbone?

20150518_202720I “ve got another confession to make… ( thanks to the Foo Fighters song for that line)

I really do. I of all people have found myself trying to please people rather then just be me. This is troublesome on several levels. First,  I think it’s safe to say that ” right and wrong – is being jammed up our rear-  ends in exchange for the new buzzword – TOLERANCE.

Tolerance has become what you have if want to please the majority. It’s what people express in the big circles, lefties, and many others. No more right and wrong,  it’s all about tolerance it seems. Tolerance is how we explain immorality and perverse behavior. Tolerance , people is quickly soothing the souls of those who used to know right and wrong , or dare I say sin…even.

What a crock. It’s an excuse to sin and feel good about it. I heard that the pope recently was in discussions with the Rome Ruler $$$. Supposedly this huge problem of pedophile priests is going to handled  ” internally ” without law force involvement.They at the Vatican also are requesting less harsh terms for their victims. Rape? It sounds so brutal..Let’s call it “inappropriate relationship building” .

I would be willing to bet 2 altar boys’ a weekend off that those kids would describe their experience more like torture, rape and more.Yet here we go again with ‘ tolerance’.


Think about what means for the 100k current cases waiting, and future boys. They could take the option  that my brother did, after being molested over a year by his priest -chasing him around the altar. My brother walked out the door while we were watching a television show one night and shot himself in the head.

I soon found the nasty old priest’s love letters to my brother, just a kid. He is currently in charge of the boys spiritual growth at a North Carolina Catholic church.

Don’t be shocked by the way. The Catholic Church has Billions set aside to settle cases. After all, why put the pedophile in jail when you can pay the family off?

I’m sure that’s much more pleasing to the Lord to keep the sex abuse quiet rather than remove the freaks they ave the p working with them. I feel safer letting my daughter go with a carnival traveler to get on a ride then I do anyone in the priesthood. I do need to note that not all priests are pedophiles. Some pedophiles become priests later in life , just to be fair.

Seriously , they are not all evil people. Much blame comes from the  ” tolerance ” that the Vatican has allowed. You know the saying.  ” the fish always stinks from the head down”. In this priest thing , Rome is reeking of organized child abuse. And you don’t have to be Columbo to Crack this case.

Regardless what the issue, we have got to grow a set ( of backbones) and quit trying to please everyone. Your kids or family is seeing this. The other night Nancy Grace had a few over weight children on. The parents were lobbying for anti- fat bullying .

Normally. I find something on her show I see her side on. Not this time. All 3 parents were 400 or more pounds. Neither the parents had any medical issues.

These were cases of a 10 year old downing a box of cereal for breakfast , 3 sandwiches at lunch and a 2 liter with some Nachos by 6pm. Then it’s dinner time , maybe a half pound of bacon or a whole pizza…seriously.

This is not a bullying issue,  it’s a parenting issue.  Instead of being a parent , they want the whole world. To stop staring at their 130 lb 7 year old. Her dad slid sideways into studio at a lean 669 lbs. People, my daughters saw it with me and the 1st thing I reminded them is that it is never ok to bully. They knew that, but couldn’t understand why the parents were putting their child’s health at risk. Backbone needed.

Whatever the issue,  we have got to draw the line , be the one parent to ask the tough questions. Take homosexual behavioral for example. Despite the fact it is forbidden in the Bible , which is true

Let’s say you don’t care what the Bible says. Would you be surprised to learn that the most domestic violence , substance abuse , suicides and diseases occur in this group? The average 45 year old male homosexual has had more then 500 partners

80% of people that engage in homosexual behavior were molested as a child , although not 80% go on to molest. The stats go on and on. There are a myriad of topics that daily apply to us needing to put a stop to this no limit , no boundaries , pit of control living.

Maybe right now it doesn’t bother or have any impact on you to start  standing up for things that are right. One day. If if you don’t educate your own, it could be your son or daughter working the streets as a gay prostitute to support a heroin habit and treatment for AIDS.

That’s not what I want to see for any of you, but we all need to do our part because that world out there is only getting darker and darker. Peace


I Don’t Know Everything About Kids. I Do Know Enough About Treatment Options That Can Prevent Years Of Heartache.

expertsThe last few years have been interesting for me. I didnt don’t know how receptive people would be to reaching out for help with personal issues like parenting or mental health.

I have been amazed at the transparency and willingness of people to share their dilemmas.

Folks, there is nothing you can tell me or ask me about that I haven’t personally experienced in my social work career or my own family.

I hope that would never stop anyone from reaching out. I do need to make something clear though. I am a trained, degreed social worker. I am not a psychiatrist,  psychologist,  or medical doctor. Although I used to watch HOUSE alot…so maybe a little knowledge there.

Anyhow what I have studied for 20 years is not how to master a one fits all profession where everyone who walks through the door gets a diagnoses. I have learned how the effects of the treatments have worked, and been able to get a good handle on where the loopholes in our system are.

I know enough about all treatments to see if they do what they commit to with the kids I have worked with.

Right up front I want to say I am not anti-psychiatry or anti-mental health. I am just against the abuse of the mental health profession that is driven by  financial gain.

Most clinicians I have worked with have the best interest of the child at heart. However , a small percentage of practitioners are led astray by the bllions of dollars the drug companies make and generously share with those who use their products.

Most people don’t know that America is one of the only countries in the world that even allows drug companies to advertise on television.  Everyone needs a pill. We all have a disorder and they are making more up all the time, and coincidently the drug companies seem to have a new designer pill to treat the disorder that just became public!

Without getting to deep into it, I just want to mention that all these new drugs that come out just in time to treat the new disorders are supposed to be run through rigorous clinical trials that prove the drug to be more effective then what is out already.

For a good laugh, look up some of clinical trials, where and how they took place, and how they measured results.

Here is an illustration from the food industry that is similar. You are walking through the grocery store and trying to eat healthier. You spot a bag of chips that says 90% LESS fat!

You grab it and think you are on your way to health. The truth is that the 90% they put on there in bold letters could mean 90% less fat than 25 cheeseburgers. They don’t have to mention that part.

In the same way you need to monitor your medicines, if you actually need them.

Recently my relative was prescribed Crestor for cholesterol.  250.00$.

The fact is that Lipitor does the same job and costs 20 bucks. But Lipitor makers don’t have the advantage thar Crestor does. New drugs are patented.  They can charge as much as they want and nobody can make a generic cheaper version.

Does anyone really question it? Not really because we believe what we see on television. We assume the doctor is always right.

Do your homework on mental health medicines and all others.

I just want to make it clear that although I have been able to steer many hundreds of families in the right direction,  I am not going to diagnose anything.

I am in a unique position with my experience and love to help people avoid unnecessary heartache.

So even though I may act like I have all the answers on occasion, I just have a niche. I like to help people avoid pain that I have seen or that I have suffered.

  • Tj


Tough Question My 8 Year Old Asked Me At Subway…

After school I usually pick up my baby daughter and grab some lunch or do something like go walk on the beach. Today it was Subway and it all seemed pretty vanilla to me. Small talk, nothing heavy, when all of the sudden she breaks out with this ” What happened to Miley Cyrus?”

” Miley Cyrus? I said, umm what about her?” My daughter went on to ask me how she went from being a teen Disney character on a popular teen show to a out of control, no limits, anything goes, young woman. I was stuck. Do I blame it on Billy Ray and ” Dont Break My Heart”? Maybe I should say she got hooked on drugs and went a little crazy. The truth is, I don’t know what happened.

All I know is that I cannot allow any Miley around the girls anymore. This is not a post judging Miley Cyrus by the way, it is about how to explain the world we live in and how much control we should maintain over what our kid’s watch and listen too. I have always been a big believer in reality. Not just reality, but getting the reality to my kids before it finds them.

When my boys were young, I took them to some of the juvenile facilities I worked at. I exposed them to both sides and the consequences of both sides. It seemed to have worked out well, so I stick with it. Here is the thing, if a parent never points out the wrong in society, and just keeps calling it ” tolerance”, you may have a big problem when your child becomes an adult.

I ended up asking my daughter if she would like to live that kind of life, that Miley is living. I left it in her hands for the moment. After some thought, she just shook her head no and made a weird face. I did not threaten her or tell her she better never be like that. That does not work. What does seem to work is every once in a while, expose your children to the good and the bad, and the consequences of both.

There is good and bad, by the way. Right and wrong do exist. Not everyone agrees on what it is, but at some point we need to grow a back bone and tell our children what is for sure wrong. Don’t be one of the parents who goes with the flow and accepts anything the media throws out as acceptable. That is weak parenting.

None of us are perfect parents, but we have got to bring our children up to speed on what is happening in this world. Don’t let your own blood fall prey to the dark things that are invading this world. You are not doing them any favors. I still don’t know why Miley Cyrus ended up in rehab or wherever she is. One thing is for sure, I wont let my 8 year old think it is the path to take.


A Comforting Thought For Us All During Hard Times.

Roses are red
Violets are blue,
I’m schizophrenic
But so am I.