Jenner- Psychiatry or Surgery?

It’s got to be addressed. If you are a parent, this Bruce / Brenda Jenner thing is unavoidable.

There must be a line we draw when we see crazy people, without blowing it off as being  ” intolerant ”

I already have to try and explain to my girls why they even have to know what a pedophile is. I have to answer questions that should never be asked, but for the absolute loss of any moral code in this country. Of course the fish always stinks from the head down, but nevertheless it stinks.

The politician in Indiana requested that people get the freedom to talk about their faith or whatever, just as those that live a homosexual lifestyle are making sure they have rights. This guy has been hit hard saying he must be a bigot . What? Because he wants all to have freedom?

I am ashamed that my kids have to see this world right now. Little lesbians in middle school, Transgender rights for 15 year olds….

Ill just keep it real hear and tell you that if one of my boys had come to me while growing up and said they wanted to be a woman, I would have got them to a shrink right away then to church!

It’s insane, just crazy for us to think that our kids are just learning to be ” tolerant ” when they are being brainwashed by the whacked out people who need mental health resources or God, not a gender change. Did the God thing offend anyone? Deal with it. I have to hear about alot worse things each day that you support.

I realize that some may see this as me being a judgemental person. I’m not the judge. But there is one, and it’s pretty clear how he designed things to work, like the man and woman being for each other. I don’t even want to think about what, why, or when 2 men become ” intimate ”

It’s no different then being with a sheep or a goat. It’s not natural.

American pagans trying to justify things like that and abortion are so clueless where they are leading the next generation.

Like I said, I’m no judge, but in my life I call sin-sin and I will always call sin- sin. There are people,( lots of atheists) who go out of their way to indoctrinate this tolerance thing , basically trying to adjust the words of Scripture to this dark world. It doesn’t work that way. We obey scripture and our lives smooth out.

By the way I totally don’t believe in atheists, but that’s another post.

I just wonder, I really wonder if there are other parents like me, having to shamefully explain to their kids so many things they say on a daily basis.

I hope parents aren’t buying the tolerance thing. That tolerance thing will end up destroying our grandkids.

It’s time for people to man-up and shout  ” enough is enough “.

Straight from the top in this country we have constant dishonesty and immorality spewing from the highest office.

It’s spreading fast and we are seeing the fruit of it now. Pray for this country that we would turn back to God and gave His favor on us again.

If you are an  ” atheist ” just pretend.

In today’s society, the parent must go out if their way to explain why things are wrong, because if you let them watch television and listen to the radio enough, I promise you they will develop their own ideas of what is ok.

Sometimes I feel like I’m truly a sea turtle trapped in a man’s body, but I overcome.

Is there any limit to anything anymore? If so, who is got what it takes to stand up to it?

What I am seeing is a pathetic group of followers who will wonder why in 10 years their little girl wants to run away wat with another girl and sell beads in Hawaii. Don’t shake your head then, because  now is the time to reveal the truth to them so they know right from wrong.

As a bit of trivia, the Catholic Church has Billions of dollars set aside to settle all the molestation cases constantly surfacing .

What’s more amazing, is there recently was a law or church guideline that the police no longer need to be involved if it’s a priest on alter boy issue. They will ..umm handle it $ within $ the church….

That’s the direction we are headed.  Now, in closing I will point out that I have personal experience with consequences of this tolerance thing.

My brother was molested by a Priest. When he was old enough to realize what had been going on, he walked out the door of our house and put a bullet in his head.

I found dozens of letters from this priest that were very inappropriate.

You know what? When I showed the church, they suddenly transfered him and it was never mentioned again. He still serves as a priest/pedophile in another state.

It’s not just one issue, it’s our total loss of moral code .