Father Beats A Man He Caught Molesting His Son- Charges?

In Daytona Beach an 18 year old got the surprise of his life when the father of an 11 year old boy he was molesting walked in on him. It was a bad day for the 18 year old, as you can see by the picture. As it looks right now, no charges will be filed since the father walked in on a crime. Do you agree, or do you think he should be charged for beating the 18 year old? Please comment with your answer.  ( Click link below


5 thoughts on “Father Beats A Man He Caught Molesting His Son- Charges?”

  1. I’ve seen the pictures of the beaten-up molester. Hell no, the father should not get charged. That doesn’t even compare to the amount of counseling the child will need. I feel sometimes the justice system does not do it’s job so I’m glad this abuser got beat up. Yes, Im sure he will have to serve time but will most likely be put with other “special” cases that are not allowed with the general jail public area.

    So… Way to go dad!! 🙂


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