You Dont Praise Your Kid Enough, Do You? You Might Want to Read This…

Don't Label My Kid! -

You Dont Praise Your Kid Enough, Do You? You Might Want to Read This...

I have lots to say about my time spent working with thousands of kids and raising my own. I have never been a perfect parent, and never will. I did however take one or two nuggets of information with me from my career. I will sum it up and make this short, but please do not be mistaken, this is as important as it gets, when raising or working with kids.

Here are two keys that can launch your relationship to your child into a whole different level -and they don’t require any more time, and much less effort than you are already giving.

    1- Catch Your Child Doing What You Want Them To Do!

    This is short and sweet. Negative reinforcement does NOT change behavior for the better. All the ” Quit doing this ” and ” Don’t do that ” are not doing any good. If you want…

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Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching.

9 thoughts on “You Dont Praise Your Kid Enough, Do You? You Might Want to Read This…”

    1. Hahahahaha-You are too funny- I have so much to offer on that topic because before I was trained in all this I was the most skeptical person around. Now I cant stop telling my kids ” Thanks for making eye contact buddy” or hey baby girl, thanks for using your inside voice when im on the phone….lol! Its amazing how fast you can be converted…


      1. Oooooohhhhh. I like the eye contact one. Maybe I just need some examples. Your next blog perhaps? I do believe it works but a dinosaur doesn’t change over night. I will give it my best try 🙂


      2. A dinosaur?? I take you for 30, right? So you shouldnt be too settled into anything! I have thought about doing a post on 25 ways to catch your kid being good..would you read?


      3. I would definitely read it and thanks but I’m 43lol! Seriously, we forget what the good things are when we have been magnifying the bad. I need some for the tween/teen age group. I think it’s an awesome idea and logically I know it would work wonders. I just need a little jump start 🙂


      4. We all do. But when I first had to learn this concept, I was shipped off by plane to another state for a month, a whole month just to practice how to interact with kids in a positive way. I was complaining at first, kind of a whiner until I saw the results. It is not just for kids, but adults too. I once was charged with starting a school for expelled kids and hiring and training all the staff to work with them. I saw the same ideas work great in adults.


      5. I really do love the idea and I could benefit from some training. It makes perfect sense that it would work with children and adults. We could all use a little positive reinforcement and a whole lot less criticism.


      6. You have inspired me to post about the simple ways to make major changes in our interactions with others. Look for it soon and tell all your friends …hahaha I wont let you down. Thanks!


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