WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! Mental Health and Us!

Don't Label My Kid! -

Well, it is a question that begs an answer. With so many possibilities on the clinician’s ipad (DSM V) these days, one must wonder how to set limits when diagnosing a person. Don’t we have an obligation to really measure what is behavioral, familial, and what is a mental health issue? I think we have more than an obligation, we have a duty and a call to make sure we point the finger at the appropriate culprit. Many times, actually many hundreds of times I have worked with teens or adults that were very quick to tell me about their DSM diagnoses. They seemed almost glad to share their perceived limitations with me, and wanted validation from another clinician like myself for some reason. Hmm, after thinking on it for a minute, I began to question many things, not just their diagnoses. The other issues in their life and the…

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