Pairing Autistic Kids With Senior Citizens! Very Cool!–5568.html

Click and see an unlikely but very successful combination; Autistic teens with senior citizens working together each week to make a little magic in both group’s lives.–5568.html

Is This What I think It is?

Is This What I think It is?

Its hard to believe what we see in the news these days, but some things are more discouraging than others. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is a very discouraging photo.

Man Gives A Homeless Man The Shirt Off Of His Back-Literally!

Man Gives A Homeless Man The Shirt Off Of His Back-Literally!

I spent a few minutes today wishing I was more like someone else. I don’t usually do that, but given the circumstances, I could not think about anything else. Watch Omar as he changes the lives of homeless people by one selfless act. I want to be more like Omar and I hope you do too.

168 Children Rescued- Hundreds Of Pimps Arrested-Child Sex Trafficking

Wow- It just keeps getting worse. The minute you think you have seen it all some other disgusting people appear. How is it that 168 American children were missing and nobody new? How is it that we have over 200 pimps arrested who all are involved in underage sex trafficking?

Id like to think there weren’t even 200 sick freaks like that in the country. I guess I am way off on that one. These innocent kids are being tortured and raped and most people aren’t even aware of it. We need to be educated on this so we can recognize it when we see it.

We will go to the ends of the earth to find missing Rover the dog, but when it comes to children, actual human beings we lose 168 and nobody seems to know they were gone? I know one thing, over 200 sick people know how to find them, and we better learn how as well.

Having Trouble Winning An Argument Men?

Having Trouble Winning An Argument Men?

Many times I have been witness to disagreements between men and women. I thought it only fair to share what I have learned about the dynamics of a man-woman argument and what advice I can give to my brothers out there.
Ladies its just a life lesson I am sharing here please don’t take this personal! Lol!

Stop! Watch A Real Amercian Hero- Take 2 Minutes -This Is Real.

I watched this a few times and I thought for a moment on the last time I felt a tear rolling down my cheek ( by the time I checked it was gone) but I would be proud to say I cried while watching this video. Every once in a while we get to see a human being in a positive light. Rarely we get to see a human being in a noteworthy light. Most of the exposure we get to our peers today sadly comes from the news, which outlines the murders, robberies, rapes and other crimes that men and women commit.
Let me encourage you to stop here for a minute or two, and watch as one of our own is in the public eye for extreme courage, bravery and selflessness.
The video is short but will likely have a long lasting impact. The man in it is a hero. We hear about them all the time but rarely do they get the recognition they deserve.
Watch this brief but powerful clip of what one young man amazingly survived. He is only 24 and just getting started. After watching this, I will be careful not to whine about having a headache or complain about how rough my life is. I will cut this short here, in exchange for you watching this. I think we could all use a dose of Kyle in our lives. God bless him. God Bless the USA.
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I Guess My People And I Discriminate –

I Guess My People And I Discriminate -