Smug Thugs And Drugs- The World We Live In…

Smug Thugs And Drugs- The World We Live In...

I cannot keep up with it. The unending amount of negative news that is all around us each day. I am weary just thinking of some of the stories that have hurt my soul and shattered some of the tiny portion of hope I hold onto for our society. As a social worker, I am trained to pick up on the things that occur each day that have a terrible affect on the family. The things that are unthinkable and hard to even imagine. Yet they are happening right here before our eyes and we seem to be as the deer in the headlights sometimes, not sure if we should face the issues, or run as fast as we can.

I am a black and white thinker, admittedly and never one to mince words, which can have it’s consequences in life, but it is what it is. So I am looking around at the things going on, and watching people bite their tongues instead of speaking up on the problems. I see people trying to avoid talking about how morally decayed our politicians are, how absolutely hard that our own leader is trying to rip this country apart. We just pretend it will go away, or that all that was fought for over the years is not at stake.

Maybe it is the amount of crime we tolerate, how we watch as the ones who need a “check-up-from-the -neck-up” overtake our daily existence. Allow me to share what I have seen just today that has disturbed me greatly.

Razor blades glues to playground equipment in Illinois. Another playground infested with habanero peppers by some sick individual, sending many children to the hospital. On a different note, I glanced at the wanna-be teen thug that murdered a couple of newlyweds for no reason. Street cred. That’s all it was, to gain some street credibility. How pathetic that the moron will never see the streets except through the prison windows.

Parents are killing their own children, and children are disrespecting their own parents. The damn inmates are running the asylum. The tail is wagging the dog in this world and especially in America. Our president has managed somehow to bury us in a sea of misery and make friends with our enemies and enemies of our friends. Destroying brick by brick the foundation of this great nation while people sit back and argue whether the democrats or republicans are right. WHO CARES? We are losing our credibility by the day! The leader of Russia openly calls the leader of the USA a ” Moron ” while our president desperately tries to tear this place to bits.
If anyone is thinking I am a racist or something, I am not. I am a realist.
If you cannot take reality, then this is for sure not the blog to follow, because I specialize in telling the cold hard facts regardless of the response I may get. If we don’t buck up and start playing a part in this things, as citizens we will find ourselves even more embarrassed than we are now.
I really hope we wake up soon, because I don’t know how much more ignorance we can tolerate before we self – destruct. We are like the butcher slaughtering himself, acting like sheep following each other off of a cliff as we plug our ears and wait for someone to step in.

This just in- NOBODY is waiting to help us! We have to act and take a role in these issues, whatever they may be. It is depressing to see what I see, through my eyes as a social worker. It is depressing to see what is happening around this country as a human being. It is not like we have not fallen before, but we used to get up faster than Michelle can say vacation. Now we watch as our rights, our constitutional rights are thrown around like tissue paper.
Wherever you find yourself, whether it be in the midst of politics, or the streets with the thugs, make a move- do SOMETHING! It is not the fallen I am concerned about but the very few who are getting back up. Peace.



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Social Worker - 20+ years. Experienced with mental and behavioral health as well as alternative education, juvenile justice, addictions treatment also. Currently working with agencies and insurers on changing the way all the systems in these work, using my methods and model of treatments for all the above. We have a horrible system in place our success rates in treatment are 20 -35% and we pay doctors to keep us sick. We also have a problem with drug companies paying doctors to write for dangerous meds to even kids, all in the name of $.. I plan on changing that and in the meantime have been aggressively working at using this site as a platform to offer coaching, counseling and many other services in several languages..oh, and services that actually work! There's a new concept.. I use models I have developed and used with success rates more like 75-85%. Only programs I personally put together and ran in my 20 years in field... Please join the incredible group of followers here as very exciting things are happening. We currently have followers in 60 countries. Most of all, I promise to never let you leave my watch still suffering. My goal has always been to educate, dial in the least restrictive, least expensive , most successful and timely treatment possible. I want everyone to know that our country is a pharmaceutical playground and there ARE cures for things like cancer, liver disease, parkinsons and many a matter of fact they are being cured ( not symptoms treated forever) but actually cured of diseases in many countries who don't allow drug companies to dictate laws.. Money is the only reason we are not using the same healthy and safe natural remedies that God put on this planet. Am I saying that our healthcare system is aware of cures but watches millions die slow painful deaths all in the name of money? Well, I will have to think about it - UMM- YES! I am saying that. If you have not read my homepage please do..let me tease you with a tidbit to get you there... Did you know that the USA is one of only 2 countries in entire world that even ALLOWS any drug companies to put an ad for drugs on television? Hmm. Why does the entire world protect their own, and make sure swindlers cant twist their minds an manipulate them into buying snake oil from drug companies..and why do they make legal the natural plants that heal cancer and so much more? I think you get it... Click Follow... Tj ( I am available for consultation on a case by case basis first come first serve and will work within your abilities to reimburse) contact me

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