“To me, music is the holy spirit”

While I am stirring up emotions today on my blog, I am borrowing Spiritbath’s post to pose a question to everyone….Do you believe praying to no particular being is worth doing?


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4 thoughts on ““To me, music is the holy spirit””

  1. Yes and no.

    No: If you pray to nothing, then who or what do you expect to answer your prayers? The idea of that seems a bit absurd. Why waste your time?

    Yes: That questions leads to the ‘yes’ answer. Often times when people pray, it helps them to organize their thoughts and work through issues and problems. Many times by doing so, they are able to find answers and solutions.

    With that said, who or what you pray to depends on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for clear thought and comfort, then I suppose that you can pray to anything or ‘nothing’. If you are looking for comfort, along with peace and true help from God, then prayer is much more meaningful. Before I was aware of God (as a kid/teen), I used to pray to the stars, the sky, anything above me, hoping that something/anything would be able to help me. It gave me comfort believing that something was looking out for me, although I didn’t know what that ‘something’ was. So, in a way I understand where she is coming from. However, now that I know more, I can also see where her thoughts are a bit ‘off’. {Side notes: First, I had no idea her speaking voice was so deep. Second, I didn’t know which was better; to post this comment here or on Spritbath’s blog.)


      1. Wow- great comment! I know what you mean about praying to gather thoughts and the benefit of that. My down side is that those who pray to dead things, or living plants, or part of the creation, miss the peace that can come from fellowship with the creator. I also think many use the ” I pray” or ” I believe in God” lines, sometimes are using them as a cop out to stay away from accountability. The accountability that comes from a relationship with the Lord. Great comment!


      2. That’s an interesting statement you said about avoiding accountability. You’re right. Some people are very quick to use God as a way to justify their actions or lack thereof. Personally, I believe that praying to earthly objects and to the dead is an insult to God. Plus, He even said it Himself “You should have no other Gods before me.”


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