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Justification For Mandatory Parenting Classes. Man Bites His Baby’s Nose Off.

Baby's Punishment: Dad Bites Nose Off.

Justification For Mandatory Parenting Classes. Man Bites His Babies Nose Off.

Just when I had think I had seen almost everything, this story appears. A man was upset that his 1 month old son would not stop crying, so he did what any parent would do..HE BIT 1/3 OF THE BABY’S NOSE OFF!

If anyone questions the need for parenting classes for new parents, this should turn things around quickly, I hope.

Babies are an absolute life changer for any parent, no question. It gets frustrating when you do not know what they need or want. However, pulling a Mike Tyson on my children was never an option. I have never walked away from an anxiety ridden moment when my children were young and thought to myself, ” I should just go back and rip half his nose off”. So how should young mothers and fathers get the training they need to handle hard times with babies? Between SBS ( Shaken Baby Syndrome ) and all of the severe physical abuse that goes on in this world against babies, how and when do we step in and say enough is enough?


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5 Comments on Justification For Mandatory Parenting Classes. Man Bites His Baby’s Nose Off.

  1. Good gosh, he did what? that is so sad. Poor child will be scarred for life in so many different levels. Help God. VW

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