I Have Been Busy Doing Nothing All Day!

This is not a real post I guess. Its a guilt post, like guilt flowers when a man has done something wrong… I am tired, and over loaded, busy all day and I still manage to crawl to my couch and slide the laptop over to me while everyone settles down. I just cannot stop for even a day. I wonder if there are classes or a group to help with this blogging problem I have. I do not know the whole audience but I know some of you and would like to know many.

Shout out to my brother Shaun in Scotland! Prayingforoneday and you have inspired me along with the others. I will hit you up soon to chat! You people wherever you may be, mean very much to me, and to the cause of this blog. I often wonder if I might be passing someone on the street, or at the airport who has seen this blog. I wonder if maybe I almost bumped into one of you at a restaurant but never knew it! Maybe I have seen one of the bloggers I follow, or just been very close and never knew it…
Anyhow, coming strong tomorrow and to all a good night. If anyone can guess what the title of this post has to do with the photo, please do post. They are directly related.



I Have Been Busy Doing Nothing All Day!

3 thoughts on “I Have Been Busy Doing Nothing All Day!

  1. I often wonder the same thing. How often, if ever, do I see a fellow blogger without realizing it. It’s fascinating to think about.

    As far as the picture and the title… the world is racing by while you’re lying around watching it?


    • You know somewhere- at some place, at some point in time, one of us has had to see another. Someway.
      The problem is you just don’t really just strike-up a conversation by asking ” Hey do you blog? On WordPress? By any slim, chance, I am soo very sorry for interrupting you….I will be looking the other way the rest of our flight…..
      However a smart blogger would leave evidence, of a blog, like on the tray so the person could see it, and message us in code that they also have the addiction we have…


      • That would be an awkward question to ask to a random stranger. However, I did almost ask the lady next to on my flight last week. It was very tempting, but I held back.


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