“So we shall le…

“So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” — Hunter S. Thompson

What an excellent way to frame this life we have to either live or to not live…



Author: www.dontlabelmykid.wordpress.com

Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching.

7 thoughts on ““So we shall le…”

  1. That is a great question. It reminds me of a country song that says “I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance”. The dance is worth it all.


      1. Farm, huh? What country?
        I listen to a lot of country- some fun filled trivia…the mayor of my town has a son that is 1/2 of Florida Georgia Line. I like Skynyrd, Kid and Strait -You would have to have heard Gretchen Wilson’s ” redneck woman” to appreciate that comment. Ok, I will stop with the riddles…:)


      2. We had a small farm in Texas when I was growing up. Loved it! I know that song well and it suits me quite nicely. Riddles are good for the mind. 🙂


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