Call Parents Out When Their Kid Is Acting Stupid!

Call Parents Out When Their Kid Is Acting Stupid!

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Today we have a generation of children who are the most disrespectful, ungrateful, lazy and entitled group I have ever known of. They have no respect for adults or children, they bully, they refuse to do chores, they don’t know how to follow simple instructions and have zero boundaries. Kids today often are playing the ” thug” role, or at least trying and it is only getting worse. Schools are overwhelmed with behavioral problems and do very little to find the root issues to these terrible problems.
I have an idea! Actually, I have more than an idea, I have evidence that something is missing in the way schools discipline the troublemakers. I have personally been handed 80 expelled, busted and disgusted teens with felony violence charges, gang involvement, drugs, and a total absence of respect for anyone or anything.

I addresses each kid case by case, and did something unusual; I made the parents play a part in the solving of the problem. They felt a response cost when their child acted out. They had to leave their jobs and come right to the school for a meeting. I put some of the pressure on them. After many meetings and therapy sessions, the truth usually came out. It was the parents who were the culprits They modeled for the child one behavior after another that were simply imitated by the child. I have worked with many hundreds of families, and 80% of the time, we ended up doing a treatment plan for the parents, not just the children.

I m not saying that all kids are bad today.. What I am saying is that a large group of kids that are making very poor choices and many times it is the parental behavior that is influencing and molding who their kids will become. I think they should get parent training , and do their part as well. Be a parent! Do your job!


This 14 Second Video Changed My Life…

My son has been a bull rider since he was 10 years old, and is now only a year away form adulthood. He is stubborn, handsome, smart, and more determined to do what he wants than most and willing to do the work to get there.
Yesterday, we were at one of his bull riding events at a major venue. I did what I do when we go to rodeos. Got my camera ready to tape his ride so he can review them and see what he needs to work on, etc..
Yesterday I had a revelation about my youngest son. He is who he is. He knows the risks, and has carefully taken every precaution to protect himself from injury. Even having done these things, he like most riders, has been busted up many times form being bucked off of a huge mean bull.
I support him. I will always support him. I will not be a dream killer because of my selfish desires to have him protected from any dangers. He is ok with it, so I should be too, in this case. Yet as I was filming this short clip of his 6 second ride, my heart dropped to my feet as I watched this huge bull come within inches of stepping on my boy’s head.
Watch this very quick clip and see what you would feel if it was your child on there. Would you be able to support them, or would you just keep them in a bubble as long as you could to shield them from any harm as long as you could?
I am talking my flesh and blood here, so this is a personal post in that way. I want to know what other parents would feel like watching a child of theirs doing this week after week for years….Input welcome.

How far should we go to support our children’s dreams?


” You cannot pr…

” You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness” – Jonathan Safran Foer

Hunter S. Thompson once posed this question- ” So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed? ”

Readers, if you can connect these two quotes as they pertain to your own life, you may find that you are happier than you think. You may conversely find that you have some living to get on with. Powerful words these men spoke, if you can apply them in a practical way to your life. Be well.


Heard an awesom…

Heard an awesome quote today –
” A man is known by the silence he keeps” – Some man

Heard a moronic public taunt yesterday just showing more care for this country as well-
” Russia is simply a regional power “- author can be figured out

Just a few interesting quotes for this morning!



California Bully ( 9 ) Gets Hit With Restraining Order After Incident At School-

California Bully ( 9 ) Gets Hit With Restraining Order After Incident At School-

So in California, one father is all jacked up about an incident that took place at the school where his 9 year old son attends. It appears another boy, also 9 and known as a bully came up and cracked the other boy in the jaw. the dad states that the school says they cannot doing anything ( memo to school admin-. Zero tolerance for battery is in place).

The father decided to go to court and get a restraining order against the child who attacked. The law says the kid must be served in 5 days, but nobody at the school can or will release his name and address. Now the dad is up in arms and frustrated. I would be too.

If this is not the boy’s first offense, and if it were me as the administrator, I would suspend him, and order him and his parents to a 2 day anger management workshop to attend as a family. After all, in my experience, kids learn this behavior from someone, so it couldn’t hurt the parents to attend a workshop for their own accountability as well as the boys’. Feedback? What would you do if it was your boy, as the bully or the victim? These are problems schools face everyday and do not know what to do. Give your input!



The Road to ” Forward” Was Never Paved- Our Gullable Amercians.

The Road to

In honor of the first lady’s recent public rap effort supporting eating more vegetables, and the President himself being tight with rapper Jay-Z, I felt inspired to freestyle some and drop my own set , which I have affectionately called;
Ode to the Old
A long long time ago, a man in the White house meant a man who could run the show.
While then the man kept our enemies in their land, we today help them attack, even give them a hand.
The rules we have are now all “bad” and our rights are rewritten, scratched on a pad.

The guns I don’t mind, being taken away. But it should not be us who loses them I say!
Give billions to killers, to arm them for battle, but strip us of ours as you take the saddle. I hear rapping from the White House and dancing as well, while we all walk the road to hell.

Rapping on carrots in front of some kids, surely wont bring us any hope for this path, this path you have chosen brings us a horrible wrath. Rewriting the laws to fit your agenda, has only been serving an ego not the masses. Arming and hiring our terrorist enemies cannot be mistaken, this is a damn war you are making. You tell Russia they are a ” regional ” power, as Putin steps on you like a crumbled up flower. He dismissed you as an “idiot”, and you obliged as you do, by proving his vile words totally true.

Why would you take the greatest country around, and pound it again and again in the ground? The answer to that lies only within, but your cards are now showing, and the jury is in.
You are no more than an enemy to our people, and cannot even enter a church with a steeple. Mosques and brotherhood breakfasts you are quick to attend, but not a union meeting when jobs need a mend.

You may have fooled some, for all of the time and all for some of the time, but none that saw you coming had a doubt in our heads, that you would like to dismantle this place -render it dead. Its a shame the platform you ran to get here, leaving those you used living in fear. You will play golf, and dine with the enemy while we stand back and wonder why you are free.

Executive orders are used as a reason to help the your agenda, but just for a season. Vacations will keep rolling, for you and your crew, and I hear you even got the daughters working for you. We cant find those jobs, the healthcare, the hope, that you promised so boldly. You lied on that too, but who can be shocked? You rarely come through but watch painlesly as our world is rocked. Shame on you for being who you are, a man of power, yet off by so far. Forgiveness is there for those whose who will change, but the lure of the world has left you the same.

It is one thing to make a mistake or two, we all are human and occasionally do. But what you are doing is terribly vile, and the lies coming out of your mouth are now expected of you. Blaming Fox News or a certain political group, might fly if you had any trust with the people, but 38% approval tells that your stories are feeble. The few that remain faithful to the agenda you make, I feel bad for -they were unable to see a fake.

The good news for us, is we are Americans you see, and that flag was paid for with a price very dear. The constitution as well is not your note pad. People fought for those rights and they wont be made void, no matter what you may change . Divide and conquer is an old way of taking down, even a solid country with thinkers around. The problem you have and will one day see clear, is that not one of our soldiers will live in your fear.

You keep the billions you take to vacation, while people today are fighting relocation. You keep the distractions coming with useless campaigns and pointless agendas. We all no where deception will lead, and you are just steps from reaping that seed. So keep your hand down, don’t salute your marines. Refuse to say God and don’t say the pledge. Dishonor our veterans and lie to the people, use up the remaining few sheeple. Soon you will find yourself alone, and with no power at all. You cannot avoid that, even though you may stall.

Eat, drink and be Merry, while the people of our country still struggle, but know that the life of a liar is no badge of honor. Better you stayed in your land and not lead a country, that wont bow to your hand and will never look back. The freedoms we have were hard earned before, and if need be again they will be earned once more.

Soon its time to move on Mr. President. You may even try this again some where else some other time, but be sure you learned one thing through this charade, it wont fly here now, and it will not fly then.

As the first lady recently rapped on national television, ” Holla Now”


Equality-An Unrealistic Dream? What’s The Point Anyway?

Equality-An Unrealistic Dream? What's The Point Anyway?

First off, I must note that I did not come up with this idea for a post. Some woman put me up to this, and you know how that can be. A set up probably, but I took the bait and here I am writing about equality. What is equality anyhow? Is it when all people of all sex, race, size, intelligence, age, wealth, looks, shoe size, marital status, corporate status and things like those receive “equal” treatment in this world? Is it the idea that all people get treated equally and fairly with their rights protected in the exact same way that any given person’s are?

My former boss was not fair to me. In his case I think he was a “flamer” though, so he just didn’t like me I guess because I was straight. Plus he was from New York, and you know how obnoxious they can be, just saying “good morning” to someone. It really was not an equality based business anyhow so I should not count that experience. Lets stick with a simple subject like marriage. I am so tired of hearing how women should not stay home with the children, and hearing about women’s rights and women’s ability to perform the same duties as a man.

A man is the stronger partner then the women, we all know that. We like to pretend that everyone is at an equal level, but the truth is, how many high school fights do you remember between a girl and a boy? It would not be fair would it? Every once in awhile I have seen a couple of kids of opposite sex get physical in a fight, but usually they were black.

Equality is a myth. People are designed to play certain roles in society, or have just taken on the roles that we all know of today. I don’t think the people want equality, I think they want personal exceptions in certain situations and use the word equality to justify and acquire the exception that they want.
Should a person born in one country be able to lead another country? How about support the enemies of the country they lead? Is that equality? No, but we support it every day.
When my kid is in line at school to try out for the basketball team, and another kid is a foot taller also trying out, should the taller player get picked? Why?

How come I cannot drive through Cabrini Green Projects in Chicago without risking being shot? Is that equality?
When I want to go say “Hey” to Michael Jordan over at the basketball game, while he is in the stands, how come I get turned away by some paid bodyguard? That’s not fair!

I have had 13 hip surgeries due to a botched surgery. Lost the house, the cars and all, couldn’t work for years, but when I wanted to tap disability until I could work, no go- they said I was too young to be injured! Equality.
Whether you are pro-life or pro-slice, the fact is we murder millions of babies that are simply unborn, every year. We call them ” fetuses” to justify our exception. Certainly cannot call that equality though.

I could go on for ever about equality, but with this audience, it would probably be a waste of time, and I will probably waste my time writing. I heard not all bloggers are too sharp. As a matter of fact you may not even understand my point here, unless you have at least a four-year degree, like I do….
People are in love with pity parties. People enjoy being victims, or they have nothing to whine about. Give people equality and you will have a certain group complaining about how unfair it is. You cannot win, so you play the game.
The truth is today’s social institutions have no sense of equality other than the mandatory posters on their walls. Think of it this way, if I raise my child without proper nutrition, in poor school zones, and without proper discipline, and he applies for a job as a fire fighter, does he or she have a fair chance at getting the job? Well, if the competition is exactly the same as far as physical shape goes, it should be fair, right? No way. Physical condition is just one part of the job. What if following instructions is mandatory? The other competitors may have had the benefit of much better schooling, and polishing, simply due to their economic status growing up. Equality in this scenario? Not really, but who is to blame?

As Milton Friedman says, Freedom before any attempt at equality. We all want freedom, but I am not sure equality is even realistic. As a side note, you should have been offended at something written in this post. If you were not, equality is not even deserving of a place in our dictionary.