Child Rapist (paroled) Cuts GPS Tracker- Now On The Loose!

Child Rapist (paroled) Cuts GPS Tracker- Now On The Loose!

It amazes me that a child rapist ( throwing up a little in my mouth) would ever do something so hideous to a child. It also amazes me that when convicted, they are not instantly put to death in a slow, and painful manner. To think a guy like this is PAROLED for any reason is beyond amazement. It is pure stupidity and asking for more victims.

Recently a woman was arrested and held, then extradited to stand trial for stealing a library book. Let me just note, as a parent, I would feel much safer is she was set free on  ” parole ” . I would rather a child run into her in a dark alley than a pedophile and rapist any time. Sometimes I question the intelligence of our lawmakers, this is one of those times. Please share this story so we can get this freak back in prison where he belongs.



Social Worker- Mental Health, Addictions, and Behavioral health- Leadership Educator-, Juvenile Justice. A variety of coaching.

4 thoughts on “Child Rapist (paroled) Cuts GPS Tracker- Now On The Loose!”

  1. This man’s escape happened in my town. Ever since his picture got posted, I’ve noticed that he looks very familiar. I’m not sure from where, but I know I’ve seen him around. Not recently though. I’ve been keeping my eyes on the look out for him.

    It’s sad that these people are set free, only to commit another crime against a child. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and think that they can change and become good citizens. But, just the fact that this man cut off his tracking device is enough to convince me and prove to others that he hasn’t changed and he can definitely not be trusted.


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