Is The New DSM-5 Making Us All Crazy? Mental Health Professionals- Comments Please!

It is the book that hundreds of thousands of professionals use to guide them in making a proper diagnoses when working with children and adults. The APA relies on just under 200 ( anonymous) or so psychologists and psychiatrists to vote on what should be in this manual. Has anybody in the profession had any issues with some of the very broad reaching labels outlined in the latest version? It needs to be addressed, but how do you address or criticize the very tool you use in your practice? Conflict of interest at best ; partaking in and supporting a sham at worst.

What is the problem with the new DSM?

“Mathematics disorder” for 4th graders? ” Adolescent rebellion “,  ” Parental alienation syndrome ” ? Really? I will not take the space here to address the insanity that seems to be taking place, as I have attached a more comprehensive outline of why we are all ” crazy ” enough to be considered for a formal Dx under the new guidelines. However I will say that it seems as if anyone with any problems that have always been considered typical behavior, can now be tagged.

Taboo as the subject may be, it begs attention, and soon. Are we feeling good about this, as Social Workers, Mental Health counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists ? I hope not. There is much to be addressed about the money involved, the lives this can change for the worse, the lack of accountability it provides for people, the APA and their interests, big Pharma, and many other key points. I would address them but I have an appointment with my own psychiatrist. He thinks I may have come down with ” truth decay ” for wanting to write about this…

Well, I am certainly no COLUMBO, but I do feel that it is not a stretch for me to imply that this DSM-5 is more about money than anything. Despite all the vitriol I may take for laying this out, I have a vested interest as my own family has been dramatically affected by the subject. My own brother took his life after wrestling with the idea of a label. I have seen labels destroy thousands of kids and families, and been on the front lines of this. Before you check this article out, I want to make sure that people are aware of my personal position on this. I am NOT against psychiatry, psychology, or any other mental health service. I am against money hungry heavy hitters who could not care less about the impact these new guidelines will have on people and their families.

I would give you some statistics, however the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual does not provide any real statistics, and even the top providers in the field have stated that it is all speculation and trial and error, with no science to back up anything. Some have become downright defensive when even discussing the subject, which should at least merit an ODD tag or something related!

Please share any feedback you have about the DSM-5 and what you have to say about the validity and substance of the book in general. Discussion about the subject would be much more beneficial than taking a pass because it is too dark of an area to address. It demands explanation, and everyone who has ever used this book to make a diagnoses must have some input about this subject. Do tell of your experiences and comment on this article, so we can get a viewpoint from the inside out.




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