Holidays Can Make You Feel TINY!

Holidays  Can Make You Feel TINY!

Do you feel small and unimportant during the Holiday season? You are not alone. You may see the smiling faces and happy shoppers. Maybe you even have hundreds of Facebook friends and even thousands on LinkedIn or another network. But do you really know anyone?
This year, take time to meet one new person. Not just meet them, but get to know them.

After all, knowing one person is better than having 1000 acquaintances, Understand that underneath the cheery scarves and smiley faces, people are struggling just like you. They see therapists, some take meds for depression and some feel suicidal even.

Value yourself. If it wasnt for the little tires in this world, there would not be big tires!
Be content with who you are , keep dreaming, and someday you may be driving the big truck!

Do American Parents Spoil Their Children?

Here is one viewpoint on how we are doing as parents. Do you think you spoil your children…?



Our Family- To You..

Our Family

Merry Christmas to everyone from! We hope that you will experience the Joy that comes with the message of Christmas, and appreciate all of our followers and supporters! Have a great Holiday and God bless you all!

– The Crew at DLMK

Rights Revolked! No Freedom of Speech in the Dynasty…

Rights Revolked! No Freedom of Speech in the Dynasty...


Every once in a while I run across something too amazing to NOT write about. This is one news note that I could not pass on, especially after watching the Dr Drew show last night. I actually sat through and suffered my way through 3 or 4 people giving their views on how Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a bigot. He was rightly suspended from the network for expressing an opinion that he was asked to give, during an interview.
Really? Phil cannot give his opinion on a topic? Is this the America of “free” speech or the America of “preferred” speak?
I listened as some very weakly argued that this opinion was a violation of “code” and a sign that Phil is a bigot. They could not even put together a few sentences without stumbling over their straw arguments. It was pitiful to see the efforts to allow any liberal speak, but deny freedom for any opinions that do not line up with the agenda.
So I will exercise my right to free speech, unashamed and proud to be able to do it. As a citizen I think this “selective freedom’ is pathetic at best. As a parent and a social worker I think it is worse than that. If my children can watch Ellen kiss another female on television, and hear Joe Biden say to an all black group of professionals ” He wants to put you all back in chains” publicly and without any apologies, then they should certainly get to hear the other side. The other side is not popular, but we do not vote on speech by its popularity, we have the right to free speech period.
I totally understand the vitriol that was spewed by the haters of Phil Robertson. As any good lawyer would tell you, you can usually measure the level of guilt by the level of defense. I know exactly why there is so much imbalance in the allowance of certain viewpoints, it really is not too cerebral of a concept. It is similar in my opinion, to the atheists that spend millions of dollars to fight a cross at ground zero. If you really do not believe God is real, why spend time and money to fight a non-existent entity? I do not see anyone spending millions fighting against the tooth fairy…how come?
In my opinion, we hear what our itching ears want to hear, even paying to make things appear different from how they really are. Denial is not just a river, as they say…
I am amazed at the persistence in people trying to ” take away ” this and that from reality. As if anything will change. What is right, is right, and what is wrong is wrong. If we choose wrong, please, lets not run smack in the media to make it appear right. It only strengthens the case against the spinners. Reminds me of a movie I once watched called ” Wag the Dog” with Deniro and Hoffman. I think homosexuality is an abomination similar to beastiality or incest. Hows that for freedom of speech. I really do not care how popular my opinion is. If you are with me, you are with me, if not, at least you know where I stand. I am OUT-



Glass House Syndrome

Glass House Syndrome

We all have our rocks in hand ready to throw . The problem we have in society today is that we are too busy collecting rocks to break someones glass. We forget that rocks can ricochet and often end up cracking our own glass houses. The only difference between me and you, and people with the inability to see, or hear or use the spoken word effectively is by the grace of God. It is prideful to think that we are where we are due to our great efforts and talents. Although these are required to achieve certain types of success, it is only a small part of success. Success is when we guard one another’s reputation, cover up an offense, protect and promote growth in others.
I have seen many people fall, and usually pride came before the plunge. I have also seen many success stories, and have found in most cases, the people in this category spent most of their time catching rocks aimed at other’s houses. Lifting others up, not cutting them down. Insecurity breeds jealousy, and jealousy behaves badly. If we are going to prop up our big glass houses while holding a hand full of rocks, then we are working against ourselves, not others. I think it is time to take a look at professional humility today. Make today a day of releasing rocks and lifting others up. Quit trying to take others down and instead, build them up.

If you need a friend, go be a friend to someone. If you need a job, go help someone find a job. If you need encouragement, go encourage someone today. Make a point of it. Our world, and workplace would be a much more enjoyable place if people all operated in humility, not pride. Humility lifts a person up, while pride comes before a fall.Maybe we need to consider dropping the clenched hand full of rocks, and use the hands to help someone in need today. When you see another in a very bad situation, a very tough spot, or facing vulnerability, you can do one of 2 things; run to them, or run at them. Before you decide to run at them, make sure you don’t have any cracks in your own glass. You see, we all have cracked glass. We just try to make other’s houses look worse than ours. My kids went through that stage when they were 6-8 years old. What are we thinking by doing this as adults? Not much about others, that is for sure. Drop the rocks, and run to someone today. You will feel a great release of all that weight which comes by storing up stones. Who can you reach out to today?

When I am not blogging…..

When I am not blogging.....

This is one of the 5 children I am proud to call my own. Of course she is the baby. I have older ones that are in school for EMT and also have a 16 year old riding in the pro bull riders association, When Dont Label My Kid was just a thought, I had worked with thousands of teens, adults and children . I have had 25 live -in foster kids, 5 of my own, and worked one on one with thousands. Personally, grew up in a violent environment, with an absentee father. I have lived through childhood trauma, my brother committed suicide after watching a television show with me. I have fought and beat the addictions that I was introduced to as a child, and won, by God’s grace. Most recently, I have had 2 car accidents, and been diagnosed with AVN, which has landed me in the hospital 13 times in the last 2 years, including 3 major hip surgeries. Then it got really tough! LOL!
I feel a personal and a professional connection to this effort to help people overcome obstacles and labels in their lives. If I made it, you can too! Hope you enjoy the site!


Peaceful men…

Peaceful men...

Obama recently shook hands with Castro while mourning at the funeral of Nelson Mandela the peaceful figure who was buddy’s with Castro. Besides starting up terrorists groups, singing songs about hating white men, and serving time for murder, I am disturbed that people are calling him a ” peacemaker” –I cannot recall if that was before or after his own wife slaughtered and tortured a teen and got a free pass for that. Once again, I fail to see why everyone is so scared to speak the truth about this person. Instead, we follow Obama in praising him…..WHAT? Then again, OOPHRAH says its because all white people hate Obama…