Teens with labels- ODD, ADD, ADHD, and anger management problems. Are they really powerless over the label?

One of the first days I served as an administrator for a school for violent, expelled, uncontrollable teens, I met a 17 year old who approached me and said he had ODD, and several other disorders. He was warning me , in his own way that he has no control, when he “goes off” he just loses control. Throws desks, hits anybody around, and would not be able to adhere to our guidelines of mutual respect and no physical contact with other students.

He left my office, and I thought about what he said, and made a plan. A plan to show him what he did have control over. The plan would call for me to catch him when he was in an irritated state. I waited a few days, and sure enough, I got a call that he was saying he was about to go off on everyone. At about 6 foot 6 and about 230lbs, he posed a real threat to others. I headed straight for his area, and asked him to come with me. He followed me to my office, wondering what was going on, when I grabbed my truck keys and asked him to go for a ride with me.

Ten minutes later we were walking through a Wal-Mart, discussing how angry he was, I asked him to tell me what set him off. We then went to a library, and he looked me and whispered “why did you take me here”? I leaned in, and whispered back, saying “to show you that you are in total control of your behavior. If you were not, you would have hit the check out guy at Wal-Mart and maybe tipped over a book shelf at the library”. After a few seconds he whispered back ” but you can’t do that kind of stuff in a library”. We talked for a little bit, and it did not take him long to figure out what the point of all this was. We got back to the school, we got out of my truck, and he glanced over at me ad said ” So this is my library, huh?

That student never had one episode again of even a verbal threat to anyone, because he himself realized that for many years he had just been living up to the labels assigned to him. Now, he was free to exercise control he had been told by many that he did not have. A trip to the library. That is what it took for one student to climb out of an old label and into a new way of life. The point is, people will usually believe what they are told about them repeatedly year after year, and in many cases begin to live and act according the labels they were given. If you know anybody stuck in the label trap, please contact me for personal help and support on how to shake labels that were assigned to you or the people you love.               http://www.gofundme.com/HipTim



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Social Worker - 20+ years. Experienced with mental and behavioral health as well as alternative education, juvenile justice, addictions treatment also. Currently working with agencies and insurers on changing the way all the systems in these work, using my methods and model of treatments for all the above. We have a horrible system in place our success rates in treatment are 20 -35% and we pay doctors to keep us sick. We also have a problem with drug companies paying doctors to write for dangerous meds to even kids, all in the name of $.. I plan on changing that and in the meantime have been aggressively working at using this site as a platform to offer coaching, counseling and many other services in several languages..oh, and services that actually work! There's a new concept.. I use models I have developed and used with success rates more like 75-85%. Only programs I personally put together and ran in my 20 years in field... Please join the incredible group of followers here as very exciting things are happening. We currently have followers in 60 countries. Most of all, I promise to never let you leave my watch still suffering. My goal has always been to educate, dial in the least restrictive, least expensive , most successful and timely treatment possible. I want everyone to know that our country is a pharmaceutical playground and there ARE cures for things like cancer, liver disease, parkinsons and many more..as a matter of fact they are being cured ( not symptoms treated forever) but actually cured of diseases in many countries who don't allow drug companies to dictate laws.. Money is the only reason we are not using the same healthy and safe natural remedies that God put on this planet. Am I saying that our healthcare system is aware of cures but watches millions die slow painful deaths all in the name of money? Well, I will have to think about it - UMM- YES! I am saying that. If you have not read my homepage please do..let me tease you with a tidbit to get you there... Did you know that the USA is one of only 2 countries in entire world that even ALLOWS any drug companies to put an ad for drugs on television? Hmm. Why does the entire world protect their own, and make sure swindlers cant twist their minds an manipulate them into buying snake oil from drug companies..and why do they make legal the natural plants that heal cancer and so much more? I think you get it... Click Follow... Tj ( I am available for consultation on a case by case basis first come first serve and will work within your abilities to reimburse) contact me tim@dontlabelmykid.com

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