Do you believe what you think?

Do you believe what you think?

Did you know that a new study based on clinical studies has proven that 90% of what we think was adopted from someone else’s opinion? With that in mind, they also say we should always live by the 25/50/100 rule. Believe 25% of what you hear, 50% of what you read, and 100% of what you see. How can we know what if what we are hearing is true, and who defines truth in mental health? Take the terms good and bad for example. I have worked with kids who thought they were being good if they did not hit a teacher that day. That’s what they were taught. So, where do we set the bar for what is good and what is bad? Its a subjective concept when working with troubled children. If you have a crisis and do not know where to turn, contact me and I will work with you personally. You deserve real solutions if you have real problems!



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I am a social worker and family coach for 20+ years. I have had around 50 foster kids , worked in every and any type of facility from juvenile centers to clinical treatment centers to schools for expelled youth . I've been successful with starting schools for violent offenders , training hospital staff , entire counties of public school teachers, parents and many more on behavior management and helping families in trouble . I have been honored to speak on many occasions and to teach professionals what is wrong with our systems for kids and adults, and how I was able to have successful outcomes in all the programs that I ran. And yes- I do have all the accolades and awards and pats on the back from high places and degrees but I'm not in this for that recognition. I appreciate the acknowledgement I've received over the years, but I don't even have an " I love me" wall in the I don't even know where those things are anymore ..LOL I have lived a hard life myself and grew up in a very violent and abusive home. My family Is filled with depression , addiction and suicide. I also have had to navigate my way through these areas . I use my own experience to help others. I hope you will join the awesome people who follow me and share their stories. This Is a place to come to keep it real. We all struggle . So on this site we keep it legit. No judgement. What are you waiting for? Follow! tj

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