If you had to pick a label….

If you had to pick a label....

Are you stumped? Would  you know what kind of label to  put on this young college student?
How about serial killer ? Why not? This is a college photo of a young man who most of us know as John Wayne Gacy the Clown serial murderer……


Is this man a liar?

Is this man a liar?

Most readers tend to believe what they think. Most readers tend to gather the information they think from social media and research on their own, Based on what you know of this man, would you feel it would it would be fair to call him a liar? And Why>

Is AD/HD even for real? Could it be just an excuse for kids, and big business for the doctors and drug companies?

Is AD/HD even for real? Could it be just an excuse for kids and and big business for the doctors and drug companies?

This is where the two sides divide. The old school crowd argues that all of these new “disorders” have been made up to take advantage of the problems some children have today. They point directly to the billions that have been made in the drug industry and the medical field.
After all, the diagnoses itself did not even exist 40 or 50 years ago! Could today’s society be responsible for the problems the youth of the nation and world are having? Back in the day, kids worked a job before and after school, and would never disrespect a parent. Video games with hyper-explicit graphics, television shows that portray images that would have been considered totally inappropriate for any audience, now appear in shows for 10-12 year old kids. That disrespectful disposition that kids have today was groomed by these things, and a lack of families with a both parents in the same house. As a matter of fact, many people are fearful they will go to jail if they even discipline their child. Today’s children have been ushered into this world with a sense of entitlement, and a lack of respect for authority in any form. These types of arguments are very common with people who grew up in a world where a teenager would help an old lady across the street, not steal her purse and hit her. They were young when you had to work the land or milk the cows before school, and if you looked sideways at an adult, you got to go pick out a switch or a belt, so you can get a few licks with it. Not so in the world we live in. That is a fact that nobody I have met will argue. The question is how did we get from there to here?
Did we create our own monster by going overboard with the whole diagnoses thing?
Is the DSM-V an inch thicker than it should be? That is one of the questions I asked myself about 20 years ago and I believe I am correct that it is possible. We may have become label superstars, addressing every problem people have with a pill or a diagnoses. How do you feel about the issue?

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Should parents be able to take over their child’s school for non performance?


Interesting concept. Do you think the problems in schools like the ones in this project are the kids? The parents? The teachers? The standards? Personally, I think it is useless to try to teach children anything if they have never been taught the necessary social skills to be able to be taught. I also think that teachers are responsible to model the expectation behaviorally, before they can ever get to the idea of teaching. I would not ask someone to build a house without making sure they had a set of tools that were sufficient. Along those lines, I have learned from operating programs for expelled kids, that I could not ask them to be willing to learn and listen, when they did not have the skill set needed. That is called setting a kid up for failure. Now, with that said, it may be the parents who are responsible for not teaching the skills, but that is an entirely different topic, that we will address. What are you thinking as you read this? Please share.

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Does my child need medicine for behavior problems? Do I?

Wow. I don’t really know where to begin on this one, as the medicine proponents and the medicine opponents both present good cases on some of the issues. I am presenting this very detailed article about medicine, disorders, clinical trials, etc.   http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/childbehaviordisorders.html

One thing many people do not know is that drug companies are working just as hard to get new drugs for kids and adults out there, as the anti-drug people are trying to teach people how to manage some disorders with talk therapy and behavioral techniques. The problem is that getting a drug approved by the FDA is (allegedly) based on who is trying to get it by them. Although they put on a pretty good front that they have strict clinical trial requirements, the truth is when Eli-Lily comes forward with their “data” to support  a new drug for kids with conduct disorder, their seems to be a lack of public exposure to any of the trials, or if the trials are published, the results are worded something like this;

“After rigorous testing and a sample group trial of 500 volunteers who qualified for the 6 month trial, it was determined that of the 500 with similar symptoms, more than 50% reported noticing a positive impact on their behavior. ( This is where they want you to say WOW! I need to get that!)

The following sample statement, or one similar may be used to close the deal while quietly revealing the real truth of the outcomes.

” After monitoring patients daily x 3, for 6 months in a controlled environment, it was determined that 267 patients reported a 25% improvement in their behavior.

200 patients reported at least a 15% increase in positive behavior.

31 patients reported at least a 10% increase in positive behavior

*2 patients did not finish clinical trial.

So, I am not going to belabor the point, by going even deeper into the politics and money involved in the drug industry, but will cut to the chase. The information presented to the FDA could easily meet criteria for the FDA to approve the drug, and has been done all the time. Whats the problem? Read the results again and break them down. It would be more transparent to state it this way- ” After running clinical trial on 500 patients who all met criteria for this research study, it was found that about half of the patients noticed at least a 10% increase in positive behavior, and some reported as high as a 25% improvement!”

So, lets break this down. I see a commercial on television or read an article about a drug that is supposed to help with the symptoms I or my child has. I am interested. I read on, and even check the results of the trial in the article and it says more than 50% of all those tested reported a positive outcome from this drug. Wow! I have a 50/50 chance of my child or myself getting help from this! You go to the doctor, and show the article and he agrees to try it, and may even give you free samples that just happened to have arrived from the pharmaceutical rep. Even better. The doc tells you it may take 6 weeks to reach “therapeutic” levels. He gives you a script for next month. You have now left the doctor hopeful, excited, knowing you have a 50/50 shot at seeing a change on this medicine! The hard cold truth, is that you have left the office with a script that you may have a 50% chance of experiencing at least a 10% change in behavior, possibly up to a 25% change. In regular talk, it means if you or a child you have has 20 tantrums a day, you, if you fall into the 50%, may see only 18 tantrums per day, and at very best see only 14 -15 tantrums per day! Is that going to give you relief? I can reduce my child’s behavior my 20% anytime I want just by taking them to the library. Its quiet there, and even the most problematic people whether adults or kids can adjust their behavior according to the environment they are put in.

So there it is. A short snapshot of what can and does happen behind the scenes. What will you think the next time you see a drug ad that seems perfect for you, and is backed with decent numbers? That is not my decision, but is is my duty to share the truth on here, and that’s what I am doing here. Are drugs all bad? I doubt it. Are drugs extremely misleading when advertised, for sure. So what now? If you are facing a situation that involves medicine or behavioral issues for kids or adults, contact me to save yourself thousands of dollars and years of experimenting. I can help you personally, just click here and I will stay with you until you no longer need help. http://www.gofundme.com/hiptim


Have you ever leaned over the edge of a cliff, or high place and thought about…


Here is an interesting twist to the concept of intuitive actions or thoughts and how they relate, if they do – to mental health. I am pretty sure admitting this or stating that you have felt what this article describes, could land you in a locked facility for 72 hours! Here we are again, wondering what comment or thought we share with someone may have irreversible consequences….

Read and see if you have ever felt the urge that is outlined in this article!


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What is the definition of crazy ?

What is the definition of crazy ?

Many times we hear the term crazy when someone is describing another person. I hear it in the store, in the groups I hang out with and all over the place.I think there might be more to this statement then meets the eye. Maybe we are all crazy, and he who goes normal the most gets the least mental health treatment! That seems to make sense.

“My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you’re ugly too. ”
Rodney Dangerfield